Animal Spirit Totem | Lynx (mystery)

Canadian Lynx

The spirit of the Lynx is the keeper of secrets.  That is why it symbolizes the mysteries of the Universe.  Creation is infinitely more complex than our mind will ever be able to comprehend.  Every action, every thought, has a ripple effect with consequences that are almost impossible to grasp on a global scale.

When the Lynx appears, it is to bring mystery back into your life.  Accept it, and don’t try to make sense out of everything.  There are things meant to be understood, and others just meant to be experienced.  It requires surrender and humility to accept that we are only aware of a small portion of the processes we go through.  But, it is also the best posture to let them flow freely, without disturbing them by over-thinking and trying to interfere.

The Lynx can also invite you to study ancient and even esoteric tracitions, with all their fascinating mysteries.  Your quest for truth and knowledge may lead you to that realization.  The more you study those mysteries, the more infinite and complex they appear to be.  And that is fine, as continuing to learn is simply your soul purpose.

Message from the Lynx:

“Accept Mystery in your life, and don’t try to explain everything.”

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