I Ching ~ Week of August 11, 2014

 #12    ~    Pi   ~   Obstruction


Above:     Qian/Gan      heaven, energy, spirit power
Below:      Kun        center of the Earth, responsiveness 

The Wisdom:

Communication is blocked.
Not a time to move forward.
No influence.
Hold to what you know is true.
Be not seduced by sex, money, fame, or power.


You are on your own in the situations you are facing in this coming cycle. You cannot depend on anyone to help you through, so don’t try to press forward. Do not take this time of obstruction personally; it is not anyone’s fault, least of all yours. It just is.This not a bad thing, actually. Remember, there is beneficial energy in all things, even in the energy created by obstruction. You can make this energy of benefit now. The way to do so is to stop. Stay in the flow, but hold back from initiating new projects or having the expectation of completing what is already on the table. Should you attempt to push, you stand a very good chance of being run over by what is opposing you on your path forward. It doesn’t matter if it is a person, a situation in a relationship, or a matter of commerce, in your art, or health. It just is not happening now.Do not try to accomplish anything other than making these moments of stillness useful. This period of stillness and retreat is for you to work on what you have learned and gained. Relationships can be difficult at this point. Be cautious about who you associate with. Your social intercourse should be limited now, so pull back. If you try to engage, you could be met with misunderstanding or even discord, so stay in retreat mode and bide your time.You may have the greater good in mind for yourself, your family, your tribe. At another time you would be received with a welcoming hurrah! That cannot happen now—there is an air of mistrust and discord floating around. It is not that you have done something wrong or acted out of the cosmic order, not at all; it is just that the cosmos and the energies around you are in disorder. Remember, out of chaos arise new forms, so there is nothing you can do but let the dust settle and study, hone your skills, attend to the details, but do not to launch or push for completion.  Be still.

The ego would say that you have done so much work and made so many advances, why not take your gifts out into the world, especially when it looks like all those wonderful things like love, money, or power seem to be right within your grasp. Don’t be fooled; it won’t work that way in the current timing. Instead, make this time of withdrawal pleasant. Eat well, exercise, rest, meditate; do things that feed your inner life.

Look carefully at all offers
That come your way.
Do not act on them or accept.
Contemplate all sides
And wait for the truth to be revealed.


The feeling that progress is obstructed could cause some inner conflict. It takes courage to resist what may look like a treasure being extended to you, especially if you are feeling stuck or hopeless or even slightly confused. Feeling stuck can be debilitating; you are more vulnerable to the manipulations of evil. Evil, in this case, should be considered the temptation to forget your authentic self and drift into ego-based decisions.Pay attention and read the signs and symbols that come to you out of the collective consciousness, the universal mind. The wisdom gained from disengaging and contemplating the archetypes will allow you to detach and come to a more peaceful feeling. From this place, you will then have clarity as to the correct and honorable way to proceed when it is time to do so. That time is not quite now.Consider this an opportunity to still your mind and examine your own behavior and that of those around you, without judgment. By simply observing, you pave the way for the universe to bring you great and surprising teachings that your higher self has been longing for. These teachings will answer such questions as What am I here for? and Which road should I take? The appropriate conduct at this time consists of strengthening your resolve to be the best person you can be. Being morally and ethically strong in times of obstruction will serve you well.

This darkness, which is in the natural order of things, will pass, and you will be left with a clarity that will give you confidence and strength. The decisions you then make and the actions you take will lead to a time of great progress and fulfillment.

Avoid arrogant people or those engaged in a display of authority; keep them out of your energy field—they will soon fall from favor. Say amen.. Truth, beauty, and goodness shall prevail!

One of the best things to do when facing obstacles is to generate merit, by being kind, thoughtful, compassionate, and generous. This takes the focus off of the ego’s demands as you emanate the kind of light that brings clarity and peace, to yourself and to the planet.

In Lak’ech: “You are me and I am you”
Love, peace, and many blessings  




The Lost Art of Writing Letters


What is it about the written word that makes a letter so special? For one thing, nobody writes anymore; it truly is a lost art. In this day and age of emailing and texting, people don’t spend the time and effort necessary to generate a handwritten note. It’s a rare occurrence to find one in the mailbox.

But taking the time to pen a handwritten letter to someone communicates so much more than just the words on the page. It shows that we value them and, because of this, we took time out of our busy, over-scheduled lives to put pen to page and tell them truly how we feel (not what Hallmark says we should feel — anyone else think greeting cards never say the right thing?).

Who in our own lives could use a personal note from us? Let’s think about whom we could connect to in this way and then make the time to write to them this week.