I Ching For The Week of July 21, 2014

da zhuang#34 ~ Da Zhuang ~ Great Power


Above:  Zhen thunder, shaking, excitement, inspiration
Below :  Quin/Gan energy of heaven, spirit power


The Wisdom:

The spirit of the Joyous Dancer has arrived.
It has come to support you
As you enter a cycle
Of strength and correctness.

You are entering a cycle of seriousness that can serve to change you and your world for the better. Notice well that when you speak, you are heard, really heard. Your words flow as if from a fountain that has been still for eons and now flows freely, like the water in a mountain stream, bubbling forth with strength and lyricism. As you hear what you are saying, as if witnessing your own mind, your words have depth and meaning. Your clarity brings pride as you speak from experience.

Your humor is returning, too, and just in time, as you will need it as you enter at the base of the spiral of energy that will carry you upward to the next plateau in your and the planet’s evolution. This spiral of energy leads to that which is greater than great. There will be obstacles on the way up, but you have the energy to dismiss them, as never before, Humor and seeing the irony in the old ways will be the lubricant that smooths the ride. Laugh well and laugh loud, be the seed in the tribe that brings a joyous mood as you join in celebration and gratitude of what you have wrought.

Seek the inner sage as you momentarily pause to fully realize what is happening. With an energetic package, such as you are to receive, comes great responsibility. The ego would take the energy and run with it to take control and change things for its sole benefit, seeing itself as apart or separate and not considering the whole. The benefit will be to defend against the greed of the ego, as your influence over situations and others is more powerful than ever before. Misuse of power is an easy trap into which one can fall, and the veil between negative and positive is very thin. So, it is of utmost importance that you move in correctness, with compassion as your guiding principle. If you ignore the universal laws that uphold integrity, your misuse of power will lead to the destruction of what you have been working for and desiring and will place you outside the walls of the greatness that is meant for you.

In the recent past you have feared revealing the true nature of your relationships and friendships for fear of being disagreed with or dismissed. However, you now have a clear and open channel to your tribe and associates. It will certainly come as a surprise to many as you come out of self-imposed retirement with great clarity and charismatic strength. Your influence will be felt and honored as never before, and you may for a moment ask yourself, Is this really happening? It will be that dynamic and unexpected.

You have been holding back your emotions, creativity and passion because it has not felt safe to express your strength and clarity. You have, in your inner knowing, activated a law of physics that says when energy is contained, upon release it is more powerful, by many times over, than when originally placed in confinement.

Power is a double-edged sword—it can make one careless or even giddy. On the one hand you have the strength gained while in retreat; on the other is the danger of using that influence and strength to overpower people or situations. If you move in this way, misusing influence or power to achieve your own wishes and desires, on your own timetable, without keeping in mind the need for each person to exercise his or her own free will, this will surely lead to loss, isolation, and disappointment.

In this cycle ask for what you want and desire. In business, reach to abundance where you receive your fair share and reach to the heights; as an artist, request the place you wish to show or be heard; in love, move toward what or who you thought was unattainable; in your intimate life, open the door that you had closed to sensual connection that will no longer be fantasy. Free yourself and let your heart be open and correct.

The creative ideas that are coming to you now indicate that you are imbued with the power and strength to hone them into reality. Don’t fear to test drive the ideas and plans that are surfacing with the force of long-pent-up energy released. As you proceed, you will fine-tune these ideas and plans, moving a little here and a little there until you reach your goal, where you will find abundance, acceptance, and a joyous, peaceful heart.

Fear not the thunder.
The great force of nature is wise.
Pay attention to the thunder in your life;
It is your wake-up call.

Thunder in heaven—you are not afraid; you are awake! Now, as you become fully awake, the ego will tempt you to manipulate the situation to your personal advantage just because you can, and indeed you can… the benefit is not to do it, and not allow yourself to even think about it! Correctness and working with and toward the greater good is most prescient at this time—it is the tonality of the Earth’s vibration in these times of massive change and a return to Eden in concept and reality. All who realize this truth will be embraced by spirit. Be awake and conscious of this realization and this time as you have called for it and will be confused no more.

As a cycle ends you are presented with a clear and clean resolve of a glorious beginning. The results are to be your creation, your novel invention of the way you see and activate your part of the plan, the new way of thinking that, with correctness, leads to equanimity and peace of mind.

Nurture the spirit within and be empathetic of your fellow pilgrims who share the path; follow the path of service where love resides. Be of loving heart with kindness and generosity. You arrive now to be the person of medicine who will embrace the sun at midday. In this way you will benefit by making safe the way as all your fellows choose now to embark on the road less traveled. It will be lonely at times; use the all oneness and ruthlessly disembowel old patterns that have done nothing but eat away at your energy and leave you at the mercy of the ego that, once in the driver’s seat, would show no quarter and leave you without an answer to the oft asked: What is my purpose? The answer does not come from a revelatory voice from above; it is already answered and speaks to the solo warrior in concert with the heart and soul. Your heart… and your soul are a reflection of the whole of change at this very real and special moment in the timelessness of time…

I write this during the day without time…

In Love and the light of a new dawn…



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