Seeds For Meditation … The Magical Ones


“The earth recognizes people whom Source flowers. There is a sensuousness, a centeredness, a grace to their movement. There is a relaxed gentility of power flowing quietly within and beneath their action. There is a humble assuredness about them, a reverence, a sense of humor and a sense of the sacred entwined. They are the magical people, for whom the earth has longed.” ~ Ken Carey

Artwork: “A Moment In Time”, by John Kolenberg



blooming rose love

Set your intention for your meditation.  It doesn’t matter what that intention is. Just keep in mind that any good you intend for others will have a small good effect on you; and whatever harm you intend for others will have a huge negative effect upon you.  Please remember we’re all in this lifetime together to help each other to the best of our ability.

There is an ancient philosophy in both the East and the West teaching us that twenty percent (20%) of all the good will we intend for others will be visited upon us.  The other eighty percent (80%) is visited upon the ones for whom we pray and meditate.  If we meditate and pray for beneficial things, everybody receives beneficial things in those proportions.

The other side of that coin is that twenty percent (20%) of all harmful things we intend to do unto others in our prayers and meditations actually causes them some harm.  But, the other eighty percent (80%) of that harm is visited upon us.  We really do unto ourselves whatever we attempt to do unto others.  We really do help ourselves by helping others.

The first thing we do as we start our Power Meditation is to decide what we want to accomplish with our meditation.  In the beginning, we set simple goals to relax more, go deeper and we pray for the benefit of others.  As we progress from step to step, we set our intentions for higher purposes.  We seek out our spirit guides, guardian angels, master teachers, self realization and realization of the Divine.

Set your intention, breathe deeply and relax.

You may close your eyes if you wish.  You may sit, stand or recline if you wish.  You may practice at any time, in any place and for long as you wish.  Experience teaches us that three (3x) to five (5x) practice sessions a day is just about ideal.  More or less is less and less effective. Experience teaches us that twenty (20 min) minutes per session is just about optimal.  More or less time in each session becomes less and less effective.  If you want to practice an hour a day, three twenty minute sessions are far more effective than one single one-hour session.

Set your intention, breath deeply and relax.

Relax your whole body more and more.  Start with your feet, toes, and ankles.  Will them to relax more and more.  Consciously feel your toes, feet and ankles relaxing.  Continue breathing deeply and relax until you feel the warmth in your feet toes and ankles as they relax more and more.

Relax your lower legs, knees and upper legs.  Will them to relax more and more.  Let go of any tension and consciously relax your knees, upper and lower legs.  Continue breathing deeply and relax until you feel the warmth as your upper and lower legs and your knees relax and the blood flow through them increases.

Set your intention, breathe deeply and relax.  Relax your upper and lower legs, knees, ankles and feet.

Relax your hips, your abdomen and chest.  Let all tension go.  Relax your hips and torso and Continue breathing deeply and relax until you feel the warmth flow through your body, down your legs, through your knees and ankles down into your feet and toes.  Feel your body and legs relax more and more.

Relax your fingers, hands, wrists, lower and upper arms, elbows and shoulders.  Make a conscious effort to let all tension go.  Intentionally allow your muscles to relax and Continue breathing deeply and relax until you feel the warmth in your fingers, hands, wrists, lower arms, elbows, upper arms and shoulders as your circulation improves.

Set your intention, breathe deeply and relax.  Relax your whole body from your shoulders to your toes.  Continue breathing deeply and relax until you feel the warmth and relaxation from your shoulders all the way down to your toes.

Relax your shoulders and your neck.  Relax your jaw and your face.  From the tip of your toes to the top of your head, relax, Continue breathing deeply and relax until you Continue breathing deeply and relax until you feel the warmth and relax.  Practice this two to four times a day (2-4x) for ten to twenty minutes (10-20 min) each session for the next seven (7) days.

If you must practice for less time and/or for fewer sessions, it may take longer than one week for you to master this technique.  You do the best you can and practice to the best of your ability when you can.  It’s perfectly O.K. to take things more slowly.

If you are driven to practice for more time and/or more sessions, please consider spending that extra time practicing compassion and praying or communing with the Divine.  To spent this extra time in meditation practice may work out well.  It may also slow your progress.  Do the best you can and prepare for the next lesson as best you can.

Set your intention, breathe deeply and relax.  Relax your whole body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.  Breathe deeply and relax more and more.  As you inhale, relax your face and your shoulders.  As you exhale, relax your shoulders, and the rest of your body. Breathe deeply and relax.  Feel these waves of relaxation move down from the top of your head to your shoulders, and from your shoulders all the way through your body to your feet.  Continue breathing deeply and relax.


This concludes Part One of the teaching materials for the Power Meditation technique.  Please practice this much of the technique two to three times (2 – 3x) daily for fifteen to twenty minutes (15 – 20 Min) for best results for one week or until you can master this technique.  Set your intention for your meditation, breathe deeply and relax to the best of your ability.  Continue to relax more and more as you breathe more deeply and relax more and more.

In the next nine lessons you’ll learn nine more skills to improve your life and deepen your mediation.  The complete ten skills are:


The ten steps to the Power Meditation, also taught as the Ten Powers Of Choice, start with the relaxation skills given in Part One.



blooming rose love


Compassion is called “non-violence” (Ahimsa) in the Eastern tradition and is sometimes relegated to speaking only of “non-injury” or “non-agitation.”  But compassion is much more than any of these.  Compassion is a basic approach to life that is unconditionally accepting, forgiving and loving.

Compassion is a goal and becoming compassionate is a process.  We seek progress as we become more and more compassionate.  We do not seek eternal and immediate perfection.  We seek progress.  We work each day at becoming more and more compassionate in every way.  Thus we make progress.


1.    Do no harm to yourself
2.    Do no harm to another
3.    Do no harm to animals
4.    Do no harm to plants
5.    Do no harm to the planet

Compassion means to do no harm to anything, anybody, anytime, anywhere.  Compassion is a state of being where we totally accept everything and everybody exactly as they are.  It’s a state where we forgive everybody and everything for all the harm caused to us or perceived to have been caused to us.  It’s a state of unconditional love for all things and all people.

Compassion is an ideal to which we aspire to the best of our ability each and every day.  When we attain this ideal, we become established in God Consciousness.  To become established in anything means that becomes our normal state.  Most of us are established in selfishness, greed, envy and self-importance.  As we practice compassion day by day these things fall away from us and we become established in higher and higher states, more accepting, forgiving and loving states.  We make progress.


On the physical level we practice to cause no harm to ourselves and others.  When we observe ourselves causing intentional harm, we stop and we evaluate the cause behind this behavior.   When we observe ourselves causing unintentional harm. we stop and we evaluate the cause behind this behavior.  We evaluate this in a state of contemplation and meditation.  We root out the cause and we change our behavior.  As we do this, we become more compassionate.  That’s Physical Compassion.

On the intentional level of our being we desire to be compassionate in all things and with all people.  We daily affirm to ourselves that we are becoming more compassionate, more accepting, more forgiving and more loving of all people and all things.  This includes ourselves and the Divine.  As we do this, we become more and more compassionate.  That’s Intentional Compassion.

On the verbal level we practice speaking accepting, forgiving, loving and compassionate things.  We avoid speaking accusing, resentful, cutting, hurtful and insulting words.  We avoid speaking any words hatefully and with cruelty.  When we cannot do this, we avoid speaking or we change the subject and move on to something else.  As we do this, we become more and more compassionate.  That’s Verbal Compassion.

On the emotional level whenever we feel anger welling up within us, we transmute it into peace and calm.  Whenever we feel fear or anxiety, we transmute it into inner strength.  Whenever we feel sorrow or sadness, we transmute it into happiness.  As we do this, we become more and more compassionate with ourselves and others.  That’s Emotional Compassion.

On the psychological level, we resolve to play no games with ourselves or others.  We resolve to stop deceiving ourselves and others.  We drop our false images of ourselves and we become more and more real, more and more who we truly are.  We stop playing games and appearing to be something other than what we really are.  As we do this, we become more and more compassionate.  That’s Psychological Compassion.

On the mental level, we make a considerable effort to accept, forgive and love.  We make a conscious decision to accept, forgive and love more today than we did yesterday.  In every situation we face,  we intentionally and consciously decide to accept more and more, forgive more and more and love more and more.  As we do this, we become more and more compassionate.  That’s Mental Compassion.

On the spiritual level, we meditate and pray for others.  We meditate that they may obtain more compassion in their lives.  We pray they will find it in their hearts to be more compassionate with the people, plants and animals in their lives.  As we do this, we become more and more compassionate.  That’s Spiritual Compassion.

This the OM (or AUM) symbol used to end each lesson.  It’s a three-letter glyph of the Sanskrit voiced or unvoiced sounds for Ah – Oh – Mm.  The symbol approximates the sound of the Divine Creation we hear in deep meditation.  The more we meditate the sound of OM comes closer and closer to this reality.  Eventually we become washed in this sound most of the time.  That’s a sign of Enlightenment or Self-Realization.  In time we become “established in this sound.”  That means we hear the “Divine Voice” all the time and we become “God Realized.”

Within this sound of OM, the Divine speaks to us in many voices: parent, child, son, daughter, father, mother, friend and lover.  We can also enter this sound to travel wherever we want within the creation and do wondrous things.  So, this symbol is a reminder to listen to the “Voice of the Divine” within you.

These skills alone, if used on a daily basis for fifteen to twenty minutes two or three times a day, will eventually lead to deeper and deeper states of meditation.  This will be evidenced by the acquisition of the sound of OM more quickly during your meditation and the ability to hear OM during times when you are not meditating.  This process may take several lifetimes.


I Ching For The Week of July 28, 2014

#9  Xiao Chu  ~  The Small Accumulating

Above:     Sun                root, foundation, nourishing
Below :    Quin/Ganh     heaven, energy, spirit, power

The Wisdom:

You are entering a time of great potential
Heaven awaits the lightening
Lighting beckons thunder;
You are the thunder

Progress has been good, yet completion is elusive. Frustration will take your power and the goal will slip further away. Be confident, and you will find completion is not your aim. The benefit is to focus on the present moment.

As you proceed on this road less traveled, you inevitably come up against the obstacles of guilt, shame, and judgment. At this moment in time, these obstacles are showing at precisely the right time. Your inner strength, wrought by hard work and suffering is at its zenith and is like a finely honed and sharpened sword. Raise the sword and cut away at the ties that bind you to old patterns and empty relationships, both personally and in commerce. In this moment be the skilled warrior who knows that a sword this sharp is the sword with two edges; on one side it can cut through a lifetime of ill-fated patterns, while on the other side, if you do not come to battle with pure intent, this sword has the potential to slice away at your resolve and leave you powerless, able to go no further.

Your true power now lies in the beauty of graceful, small and well thought-out movements. Proceed slowly and with a well-planned strategy. Meet the obstacle head on; reach inward to reveal your shadow, the self of darkness. Make the darkness useful as you reach in stillness to your authenticity, that of light and dark, yin and yang.

In this life journey, we suppress our dark side, what Jung called the shadow. In this shadow you will find some pretty ugly old stuff: disappointment, guilt, abandonment and shame. It is from this dark, shadowy, potentially troubling unknown that negative patterns and self-doubt arise. Mostly, this shadow side is denied and projected onto others, our partners, friends, and associates, but if we dare, we can know our shadow, and therein lies our liberation from all the fear and the key to activating our intentions. But be fully aware that you are dancing with the dark side and if your intent is not aimed to work for the greater good of all, you will find yourself exposed as you move into the light and you will be derailed as you come into the light. Meet your dark side head on in the full light of your love, acceptance, and compassion, and it crumbles. And in its place is a stronger, lighter you, a more sustainable you, who will be loved and able to receive the love and abundance you have desired.

Operating without being aware of the truth of your dark side is folly. All things contain both light and dark, yin and yang. If you are too sunny, you will not have influence or be trusted. If you allow yourself to operate from negativity, you will allow fear free reign, and what you really want in your heart of hearts will not come to fruition, as you will have been your own worst enemy.

This is not the time to expect perfection. Be the light, but not too light; be dark, but not too dark. Aim for balance without grasping onto outcomes. If reading this makes you smile and shudder at the same time, it is your truth.

Act with small movements, including minimal verbal flourishes; in this way you will hold in place the peace you have wanted and deserved, and you will have success in small measure. This is good enough for now—the power of the small.

Completion is near;
Gather your inner resources;
You will need to reach into the darkness;
What you find there will be very useful;
No blame, no fear.

When nearing a goal of completion there is the tendency to want to rest, to take a break. This is not yet the time; there are a number of small tasks to be addressed at this juncture.

Set ambition aside for now and attend to the small details, so that your path, your vision, will be clear. You will then be able to dip into the subconscious and bring to light the negative beliefs about yourself and the world that have been blocking you. What you find as you delve into the shadow may feel shocking, like a big dark monster; but know that the monster, in reality, is really quite tiny, like a little toy monster; it cannot really harm you or stop you on your path to love, health, and abundance.

Do not reach for a conclusion.
Now is not the time.   
Tie up loose ends,
End what must be ended,
Tend to what must be mended.

Moving forward does not always make for real progress. At times like these, progress will be made by going inward rather than forward, paying attention to the smallest things, things that might not seem to be relevant to your goal for your own and the greater good.

Your mind must be clear of any chaos, doubts, or fears. At this time, hone your skills and make strong your commitment, not to completion, but to living in a better way, in the way of your truth.

Look to your relationships and address the small things that have held you back from loving fully or letting yourself to be loved. Ask for what you know you deserve. This will bring clarity, and you will know what to do.

When it comes to your projects, family, or health, deal with the small matters; vow to remain authentic and have honest, open communication with all those in your life. By dealing with small details, you can remove the obstacles that have blocked your path to wellness, true love, abundance, or spiritual evolution.

Completion is near. These last few steps will only be bridged by cleaning up the things you have left unattended. Clean up your desk, straighten the closets, clean out your car if you have one, balance your accounts, lighten your load. Give some of your “stuff” away, literally and metaphorically. These seemingly small gestures will pave the way toward what you want and deserve.

It seems that taking care of the little details should be the simplest of tasks, yet we often get blocked from doing so. This is where the inner work begins. Take the time to look deeply into your thoughts about yourself; be real about where you doubt yourself in your work, your relationship, and your spiritual practice. Acknowledge what you truly want and deserve.

Now, to attain what you want, you must go inside and clean up the inner recesses of your mind. Look unabashedly at your dark side, and don’t allow shame or guilt to cause you to avert your gaze. We all have a dark side, a shadow self. There are hidden resources and strengths in these recesses of the subconscious. Look at what you are ashamed of and forgive yourself. In this way you will retrieve your authenticity, which has been obscured by the dark. Don’t be afraid—it is nowhere near as bad or dangerous as your ego wants you to think it is.

This is where you are found: wanting to survive, wanting to be fully loved and to be able to love freely, but are blocked. It is only by looking deep into the shadow side, examining what you fear and are ashamed of, that you will find liberation. Then, after   a light is cast on these small, shadowy things still lurking in the hidden recesses, you will to able to joyfully reach your destination of wellness, peace, love, and abundance in proper measure.

Being diligent about your meditation practice or developing one is of great importance now. Don’t be afraid to hold the energy back and give yourself some moments of quietude and inner spaciousness. In this vast place within yourself is a universe of possibilities, where you will again fall in love… with life and your own authenticity. Here you can feel the tribal unity of all struggling beings and you will feel the heart of compassion. Don’t worry, your guardian angels and guides have your back. You are safe. Just do the work. It will make you smile and shine like the sun at midday.

With Love,
I am the other you,


Ayurveda ~ Cultivating the Power of True Beauty

The pathway to beauty, prosperity and vitality are interwoven paths.


Unfortunately, far too many people are depleting their vitality in an attempt to create a sense of beauty. True beauty, true magnetism and true prosperity require vitality.


However, this is not an ordinary type of vitality. It’s a vitality that draws out the strength of your character, it draws out your virtures, it draws out your radiance.


This attractive power is profound. The first person that will be attracted to you is YOU.


When you experience your own magnetic power, the entire creation starts to become attracted to you. Opportunities arise from every direction and a steady stream of prosperity flows into the ocean of your life.


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Sat Nam,


Jai Dev Singh


The Essene Holy Communion For TUESDAY

Angel of Joy / Angel of Power  
Evening and morning and at noonday I will pray; and He shall hear my voice.  ~ Psalms 55:15
SEASONAL FOCUS:  Flowers announce the promise of fruition.
THE PHYSICAL COMMUNION:   This day contemplate the joys of life and the fullness of your many blessings. Quietly walk in a natural setting. Avoid distractions. Focus on the state of nature at this point in the seasonal cycle. Listen to the wind blowing in the trees and the songs of the birds. Become one with your surroundings.
THE DEEPENING:  The heavens smile and the earth celebrates as the children of light sing the song of life; and the bodily world of thy Earthly Mother, and the celestial worlds of thy Heavenly Father, give praise to the joyous voices.
The Angel of Joy – Tuesday Morning
All forms of beauty are joyously contemplated in this Communion in order to make man conscious of the beauties of nature and the joy within himself.
MORNING COMMUNION:   Angel of JOY I invoke thee. I come before you with the voice of the wind for thy Holy Law is within me. Descend upon this Earth and spread your blessings to ALL living beings. Touch those who walk in darkness so they may see the light, and partake in the Holy Communions, and eat of the fruits of your blessings; And as each morning comes, shall embrace thee.
MEDITATION:   Meditate from the perspective and the innocence of a child. See the world and its blessings through newborn eyes. Behold the splendor of the peace-able kingdom.
NOON CONTEMPLATION OF PEACE:   Peace with the FAMILY. He who hath found peace with his brother hath entered the kingdom of love and shall experience the Oneness of God. The Heavenly Father knoweth the hearts and the minds of his Children, and their inheritance shall forever be Peace.
The Angel of Power – Tuesday Evening
The Essenes conceived of the whole universe as a cosmic ocean of life in which currents of cosmic power are continually uniting all forms of life and connecting man with all other organisms.
EVENING COMMUNION:   Angel of POWER I invoke thee; descend upon my body and give me thy strength. Help me to direct my thoughts, my actions, my words and my deeds in accordance with that of thy Holy Law; and as each evening comes, I shall embrace thee.
THE BLESSING:  Within me lives the meditating Monk. The builder of the temple. In this season of transformation I shall discover the center, for I am guided by the light from within.
The Holy Temple can be built only with the ancient Communions. Those which are spoken, those which are thought, and those which are lived.  ~ Gospel of the Essenes
To make the human heart a temple, the soul an alter, and the mind a priest. These were the missions of Jesus the Nazarene.  ~ Kahlil Gibran
Peace be with you.