I Ching ~ Week of June 9, 2014

#3          Zhun      Sprouting      

Above:   KAN       Precipice, Danger

               Below :  ZHEN      Arouse, excite, inspire                      

The Wisdom:

The beginning of a new cycle has arrived.
It wears no disguise.
It is real, tender, delicate and vulnerable.
A seed that was conceived and planted by your care and creativity in your life plan has been lying fallow and you have been waiting to see if agreements will be make to make this seed come to flower. You need wait no longer, the seed is pushing its way through the hard earth moving obstacles aside and is reaching the light of the sun. With this new beginning of a project that came about because of your belief in yourself comes excitement laced with the struggle to leave judgment and what is perceived as conventional behind.. Like many new ventures the way forward is not showing in clarity, which is proper at this moment in time. It is now for you to feel it. It is this lack of clear vision that is causing some confusion as to how to move forward and what or who to let go of and decide what will stay to be nurtured and protected in this cycle of new growth. Do not let your fears and doubts take you off track. Muster all your energies and call on your hidden strengths, they are there and will be accessed through using and trusting your intuition, the true voice of your heart and soul.
There has been a confluence of energies that has caused the situation to show in early growth. Your hopes, skills and desires have joined together to awaken and bring to life this new growth cycle. Protect this delicate and vulnerable beginning by gathering your strength through a rigid examination of the truth. This new cycle has begun because of your past hard work and your having, knowingly or not, let go of expectations.
That is the magic of creation; no expectations. Therefore you did not cloud your vision by projecting a future outcome. This is what has supplied the fertile field for this seed of an idea, process or relationship to open to new growth.As you gather your forces look deep into the areas of your being where you are most self-confident. From this point of view you can tap into the voice of your inner wisdom; your intuition.Intuition is a gateway to the divine. In trusting this voice you are open to receiving Universal guidance. You can call this source what you will. You can identify the voice as a guide, a teacher or angels; whatever name you give it, it is here for you now, to tune in and to listen. If you feel confused, gather your courage, dip into your inner sage or reach out to a wise person in your tribe to assist in sorting out the messages.  Once you make the approach, be dignified and respectful: listen and act on what you hear and what your heart knows as your truth.
Thunder and rain
Are coming simultaneously.
It is loud and difficult to hear;
Listen to the thunder
And seek shelter from the rain.
With new growth come unfamiliar risks. Mate your courage and your intuition. Pause for a moment of reflection and then make your move. Many things are in disarray around you. Friendships, relationships and the inner workings of your community and tribe are all trying to find their balancing point. Let them be and do not try to fix anything; you have new growth to attend to.
While digging deep into your intuitive self, these situations will reconcile without your interference. In fact, were you to step away from this new growth to deal with the confusion, you would keep these situations from finding their natural order and this new cycle, that brings with it the potential of strength and abundance, would diminish and likely disappear.Stand your ground now, make your movements with confidence and kindness. There will surely be obstacles showing on your path, but these are temporary, like a thunderstorm: it comes, shakes the earth, and then goes, leaving moist, fertile ground that has been prepared to birth the new.In humility, see your place between earth and heaven and realize that with this cycle comes the nourishment of your inner being and a long awaited evolution of spirit and self. Align with the greater good for all, including yourself, and the way will be made clear and imbued with a great and deep breadth of knowledge.
You are experiencing the birth of something new, however difficult and dangerous a birth it may be, it is the birth of a new perspective and a new way of thinking that will allow you to persevere and succeed. Perseverance in facing the coming storm of activity will deliver abundance and joy, which will lead to a brilliant completion.In business, find the gifted helpers to work with and advise you. In your personal relationships communicate openly and with a fresh approach to the truth you see and feel. Open your eyes to the love that stands before you that is without agenda or guile Leave denial and doubt by the wayside and freely take council with trusted friends or teachers, listen to what your heart is saying. In this way you are protecting the vulnerability of this new way, this new plan, with understanding gained from experiencing your own vulnerability.  This will lead you to the delicate path within where love resides.

You are certain to find some struggle with this juxtaposition of major forces in your life, this struggle comes with the meeting of the light and dark forces. The forces of light will open you to a loving sense of self, while the dark forces will use the ego to attempt to take you off this path of evolution. This is an important phase in the grand scheme of things.

Hold to the truth that comes from your inner knowing. This is your intuition, which is your connection to Universal truth. It is this truth that will carry you to a higher level of knowledge, insight and success. The problems and obstacles you are encountering will be brief. Let them run their course, and then make your move.

This time may well be felt as a great inner passage and it is, it will require diligence and patience, patience with yourself; what comes easily usually doesn’t last. Your magic will be found in your ability to make a relationship with the difficulties and disassemble them from the inside out.  In this way what has sprouted will grow and bring with it maturity in emotions, relationship and spirit. Your trust in your intuition is made stronger by taking action on what you feel and hear. This cycle is here to bring healing to you, your family and tribe.   By your taking action it will be felt and activated and you will join with like souls around the earth and bring harmony and peace to our entire non-geographical tribe as we prepare the way for a new golden age of peace and prosperity for all.

Many Blessings

In La’Kesh.



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