I Ching For The Week of June 2, 2014

Image#22   —     Bi   —    Adorning       

Above :  Gen   bound, quiet, mountain
Below :  Li       radiance, brightness, fire                       


The Wisdom:

Fire adorns the mountain.
Like a necklace of light
The greater good is quietly revealed.
Success is achieved without litigation.
The image is of a magnificent mountain in the early morning, quiet and unmoving, lit by a brilliant sunrise by which everything is seen with utter clarity.It is time for quietude, so that you may realize and accept that you are in a state of grace.This is not a time to attempt to press forward in your situation or affairs—not yet, anyway. It is rather a time to quietly let your influence be felt. Not heard, not seen, but felt. You have not come to this moment of grace to put form to your future or to enhance the value of your efforts. You are to walk with grace and dignity.These are precious times that do not come often in one’s life. With renewed clarity you are seeing the highest good, for yourself and others. This is a high mark, one hard to achieve and maintain, so make no great decisions or commitments from this lofty perspective. Make your only commitment be to love and to let yourself be loved. Just be fully present with no fear and no judgment, and with this momentarily enhanced view, let things take their own form and fall their own way. You have nothing to do other than to be the quiet witness, the compassionate observer.
You are the mountain and you are still.
It is your symbol for this moment.
The mountain attempts to change nothing,
Yet its form and strength of presence
Changes all without effort.
Grace may seem like a small thing, yet in its smallness it is greater than great. As you travel through life’s ups and downs, consider the importance of proper behavior. Good manners, ones that consider our fellows on Earth, set the tone for how the world as a whole will be and how you will be in it. Your life is your creation.You are given this time of grace to allow the fire you feel at the base of the mountain, in your belly, to burn away all that is not true and that does not serve your highest good.In this moment you are presented with moving out of fear and allowing yourself to let go of judgmental thoughts and seeing the negative side of life. You are now adorned with a mantle of grace, and in this moment you have the ability to go inside, into the beauty of spirit, to grow emotionally and spiritually. It is all there for the taking, just allow yourself the quiet stillness and you will see and feel it.This is now an era of great planetary change, perhaps the greatest change the Earth has ever experienced. We are moving into a time where the benefit will be to adjust your actions and your thinking by living and acting in a radically different manner and in a way that is accepting of peace and of love that will be led by a fierceness of being when necessary. This is the passion for life and for living in a way that feeds the spirit and the soul.The message we so often hear at this time is that we must make these changes now so that our children and our children’s children will have a bountiful Earth on which to live. While there is great truth in this message concerning the future, it is of utmost importance that we focus on the present, for it is the present that is in need of our grace, compassion, and kindness. We can and must use moments of clarity that are being offered to us now to adjust ourselves—adjusting our attitude and behavior, adorning it with love for Gaia and with compassion and kindness for all those with whom we share this time and space. As we make this earth a better place, a paradise for us now, future generations will inherit not only the glorious outcome, they will inherit the knowledge of honoring and caring for what has been gifted to them by you, the warrior generation that is ushering in the new golden age on earth.

The benefit now is to fully embrace the truth that we share every day on Earth with everybody and everything else here—no boundaries of states or countries, or species. We are at the tipping point. If we do not accept that we are all indeed of one great tribe that needs one another and feels one another, then we are destined to experience more war, fear, hunger, crime, greed, poverty, and annihilation of what we hold dear: Gaia, that is our mother.

This sacred cycle of adornment and grace is a psychedelic opportunity to experience the clarity to see through to the truth of the unity of all beings, and in so doing to act with grace, good manners, kindness, dignity and compassion.

This week take some moments of absolute stillness and you will see the beauty in this gift of grace you are offered. You have worked hard for it. It is a reward and a surprise—an unexpected gift, which is the best kind.

Adorn yourself not with fancy clothes, designer this or that and expensive accouterments. Not that these things are intrinsically bad—they’re not, but now is not the appropriate time. Now is the time to adorn oneself with the jewels of humility, grace, dignity, and compassion.

You can dance in the shadows no longer… now, reveal yourself and dance in the light of love.

Much love and many blessings



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