Astrology ~ WEEKLY HOROSCOPES by Beverley ~ Week of October 13, 2014

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Not a great deal of changes in the planets movements this week, apart from the Moon passing through signs approximately every 2 ½ days. Mercury, Uranus and Neptune all continue to travel Retrograde, which can cause some confusion, tendencies to off at ‘abstract’ angles in personal behaviour, and to be easily distracted, so complete honesty to ensure understanding is helpful. For this reason apart from the changes in planetary aspects, the horoscopes may seem very similar to last weeks, but more movement in the coming weeks.

The Sun is now about two thirds of the way through charismatic, diplomatic, but undecisive Libra, with a need for peace and quiet.

The Moon starts the week in light-hearted, talkative, agreeable Gemini. On Tuesday it moves into caring, emotional, defensive & sensitive Cancer, with a Last Quarter Moon on Wednesday, making us focus on personal goals. On Friday the Moon moves into domineering, exuberant, melodramatic Leo. On Sunday it moves into responsive, inquisitive, logical Virgo, finishing the week there.

Mercury is now traveling Retrograde through diplomatic, peace-loving, harmonious Libra, staying there until early November, causing some communication problems, and indecision.

Venus is now settled in diplomatic, persuasive, sensual Libra, until the middle of next week.

Mars is about two thirds of it’s way through resolute, avid, flexible, but cynical Sagittarius, with a need to find use energy constructively.

Jupiter is now over half way through compassionate, outgoing, positive, understanding Leo, staying there until well into 2015.

Saturn remains in responsible, shrewd, strong-willed Scorpio, until the end of 2014. It is now traveling Direct, enabling self expansion in some respects.

Uranus remains in assertive, blunt, energetic, self-willed Aries, for several years, and can make us individualistic and rebellious, unexpected events or disruptive emotional matters, may distract us, or help us see things differently. Uranus is currently travelling Retrograde until December, helping us be more imaginative, and come up with ingenious, creative ideas.

Neptune remains in compassionate, sensitive, intuitive Pisces for the foreseeable future, and helps us gradually develop more empathy, compassion, and build understanding, in a wide variety of ways, but shows a need to remain realistic. Neptune is now traveling Retrograde until Mid December, indicating boundaries between reality and illusion, causing possible confusion, with a need to remain realistic.

Pluto remains in Capricorn for quite a few years, so is a very long term influence, showing knowledge gradually acquired on deeper levels, with more realistic ways of recycling & developing our intuitive knowledge further, to use practically.

Planetary Aspects This Week

Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus – Generally personal views and thought patterns are in harmony with individual expression. A need to feel accepted by others, coupled with an easygoing, receptive outlook.

Sun sextile Mars and Jupiter – A need to express personal ideas and to listen to others views too. Confidence and inspiration, with empathy shown to other people.

Sun opposite Uranus – A need for some excitement and more personal independence, strong self will, can cause some controversy.

Sun trine Moon Monday – Natural reactions to circumstances enable success.

Sun square Moon Thursday – Possible inner conflict, or a lack of confidence.

Sun sextile Moon Saturday – Assertiveness, with many ideas, agreement and compromise when needs be.


Moon sextile Jupiter and Uranus – Good understanding, with a philosophical attitude, and empathy. Imaginative responses to people, and a great rapport with them.

Moon trine Venus Monday – Calmness enables trust and security in dealings with others.

Moon opposite Mars Monday – Difficulty compromising can cause issues is close relationships.

Moon trine Neptune Tuesday – A love of time spent with family or close friends.

Moon square Venus and Uranus Wednesday – A need for deeper understanding and more accurate sensing of people’s motives. Boredom with possibly quick changes of activity.

Moon opposite Pluto Wednesday – Being over sensitive can cause jealousy, impulsiveness or over-reactions.

Moon square Mercury Thursday – Tendencies to dwell on trivial personal matters or to feel insecure.

Moon trine Saturn Thursday – An honest, responsible approach, enabling situations to be dealt with logically.

Moon trine Uranus Friday and Saturday – A curious outlook, with a need to learn more about a person or situation.

Moon conjunct Jupiter Saturday – Generosity and sensitivity shown to other people and within personal environment.

Moon sextile Venus Friday – A sense of sharing and communication in relations with others.

Moon sextile Mercury Saturday – Thoughtfulness and sensitivity, with information absorbed and retained.

Moon square Saturn Saturday – Mood swings can cause some anxiety or depression.

Moon trine Mars Saturday – A need to back imaginative intuition, with will and action.

Moon opposite Neptune Sunday – Possible difficulty separating truth from fiction.


Mercury and Venus conjunct from Wednesday –Affability, with an ability to compromise, and good self expression, but also a need to really listen.

Mercury sextile Mars this week – Sharper mental and strategic skills, enabling actions to be planned.

Mercury sextile Jupiter from Tuesday – Deeper intuition, helping better self expression, and abstract ideas to be absorbed.

Mercury opposite Uranus from Saturday – Possible eccentricity in personal opinions and communication.


Venus sextile Mars and Jupiter this week – Strong attractions to other people, with warmth and affection shown. Generosity and understanding, with appropriate expression and good timing.

Venus square Pluto till Wednesday – Intense emotions, entanglements and misunderstandings can aggravate any problems present.

Venus opposite Uranus till Saturday – Volatile reactions in relationships, with possibly erratic, rebellious or willful behaviour.


Mars remains trine to Jupiter and Uranus – Physical resources can now be applied in a well integrated way. Greater originality and enthusiasm in personal actions is now probable.

Mars, Jupiter and Uranus form a Grand Trine up to Thursday – Greater confidence and higher energy levels, but also some intensity and melodrama at times.


Jupiter and Saturn remain square – Questioning of personal skills can exacerbate self confidence.

Jupiter and Uranus trine – An original, creative, determined and practical outlook.

Jupiter and Pluto inconjunct – A possible need to make significant adjustments in life to justify personal knowledge.


Saturn and Pluto still sextile – A deeper sense of inevitable changes and transformation naturally occurring.

Saturn inconjunct Uranus – Probable difficulty at times establishing priorities in obligations that are undertaken.


Uranus square Pluto – A need for freedom and independence, and tendencies to rebel against interactions that feel too close for comfort.


Neptune and Pluto sextile long term – A need for positive reactions to circumstances and general changes that occur within society.


ARIES 21 March – 20 April
You have a more secure, understanding relationship with your partner, & communicate well with them. You need to ensure you listen to what they say, but overall you feel closer & more loving. You’re enterprising, adventurous & feel quite optimistic, can focus & concentrate, & are serious about goals. You’re original, contemplative & erratic &, focusing on career progress.

TAURUS 21 April – 21 May
You have a lot on your mind regarding your work, & are helpful & supportive, but need to focus on your health. Try to avoid stress, and having a balanced harmonious working life is important. You can obsess, & need to feel loved, & really enjoy your home & family life. You’re loyal & supportive to a partner. You’re intuitive, view friends idealistically, or have inflexible views.

GEMINI 22 May – 21 June
You feel creative, charismatic, & enjoy getting out, as you get on well with people & are expressive. You’re popular, but don’t over-exaggerate, because you enjoy personal attention. You may argue more with a partner than usual, enjoying challenging discussions. You’re working harder, but feel in a rut stuck. You’re idealistic & ambitious, but emotional & obsessive.

CANCER 22 June – 23 July
You have a very busy, but happy home life, with a lot going on, & enjoy time spent with your family. Make sure you understand each other’s plans, as you’re caring & affectionate. You’re precise & careful in your work, astute managing money, but are prone to taking risks, so utilise your personal skills. You’re professional & original, but naive, & manipulative a partner.

LEO 24 July – 23 August
You have a stronger need to talk to others, & may spend more time with siblings or your neighbours. If you disagree sort out any issues, as you enjoy mixing with people having similar viewpoints. You’re expressive, creative, & passionate, very generous, honest & open, but may feel insecure. You seek mental stimuli, have many ideas, but investigate any health problems.

VIRGO 24 August – 23 September
You might find you’re spending more money than usual, on expensive items you’re drawn to. You can negotiate good deals, but are prone to impulse buys, & spending on luxuries. You put a lot of energy into family matters, but need some personal space & privacy. You’re cautious but can concentrate well. You may argue about money with a partner, & seem vague, but passionate.

LIBRA 24 September – 23 October
You influence those around you with your calm, diplomatic manner, & can be very persuasive. You seek harmony & tranquillity, but avoid being deceptive, as you need motivation, but are popular. You’re expressive, enjoying discussions, & catching up with friends. Be careful with your money. You abhor partnership restrictions, need to watch your health, & are changeable.

SCORPIO 24 October – 22 November
You are very intuitive at present, understanding people & situations instinctively, but are quite intense too, with confusion between your mind & feeling, as you can’t easily express emotion now. You feel driven to acquire money, are acquisitive & hard working,. You may lack confidence in certain situations. You’re innovative & original, quite imaginative, & detailed.

SAGITTARIUS 23 November – 21 December
You have more time to socialise now, catching up with your friends, maybe making new ones. You empathise with pals even if you don’t understand them at times, & are affectionate & caring. You feel quite competitive, are driven, impulsive, & expansive. You’re prone to depression at times. You’re imaginative, & expressing with a busy home life, but capable & financially astute.

CAPRICORN 22 December – 20 January
You have many professional goals now, & are quite ambitious, currently work hard to achieve & succeed, but ensure you’re focusing appropriately, as you have heavy career responsibilities. You’re quite competitive, & more impulsive, as you want to expand your horizons. You’re very supportive to close friends. You’re restless at home, a bit vague & somewhat elusive.

AQUARIUS 21 January – 19 February
You may feel you want to increase your knowledge or spread your wings in some way. You feel more expansive, but maybe frustrated or limited in some ways, but you also philosophical. You feel drawn to spirited friends, & feel more positive about partnership issues. You have many professional responsibilities. You’re imaginative, financially limited, & focused, but secretive.

PISCES 20 February – 20 March
You feel overly emotional, maybe jealous or obsessive, & have a lot on your subconscious mind. You try to rationalise your emotions, so don’t let them overwhelm you, as you’re intuitive but envious. You’re ambitious & ruthless, but also help & support colleagues. You enjoy improving your knowledge. You’re financially erratic, self deceptive & mix with challenging friends.


Bev TaylorDisclaimer
I can’t guarantee anything shown on these horoscopes, they can only offer general information, as written by Beverley Taylor or Astrologymix so please note that they should be considered for entertainment purposes only. However I do make every effort to ensure the information I give is as accurate as possible. If you do have any queries please feel free to contact me.


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