Tarot Contemplation – Justice


Today’s focus is on karma and the law of cause and effect:  all events, all people, are connected.  While you are responsible for all that flows from your actions, sometimes, you might be held to account for another’s actions … and the latter situation can be difficult and demanding as it goes against something that is completely of your own making.  If this turns out to be the case, then don’t blame yourself unnecessarily.  Today is about bringing about fairness, balance and harmony with others and, most importantly, within yourself.  If you are involved in a legal matter, it has a good likelihood of resolving in your general favor.  Be sure you maintain balance between work and play.  Balance is necessary in order to thrive.  If you’ve been sitting on the fence about a committed relationship, then the answer is that you are both likely to go your separate ways.  However, singles may be faced with opportunities to create a meaningful relationship, so long as you remain clear on what you want most from the relationship.  Money that you weren’t expecting can show up now, which is always a good thing.  If you’re feeling lucky, perhaps you can indulge in a game of chance.  You might win a small “windfall”.  Use it wisely.  Moderation is not just for monks; it’s an important part of living a sensible and healthy life. Work on being and staying grounded in your meditations today and ask yourself, “do you feel your connection to the earth and your fellow man?”  Working on keeping the proper perspective about life will help you stay centered.

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