A mad, mad world (literally)

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The world that seems mad_ManaO.jpg

The world seems like it is pissed off….that’s because it is.

“…their tears are filling up their glasses…” (Tears for Fears, Mad World)

I had a horrible nightmare.

It could not have lasted very long, given the time that I fell asleep, to the time that I was jarred from the…very tumultuous slumber…that I’d barely been able to grasp onto, given where it is that I lay my head at night.

I say a whole lot about symbolism, about how it is that these things play out in the manner that they play out, whether it is in dreaming or wakefulness. When we dream, we are being told something by our Higher Selves. When I was told, through that dream, the message that I had received at that time, I panicked, because the last thing that I ever like to know, let alone do, is hurt someone who I care…

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4 thoughts on “A mad, mad world (literally)

  1. Hui ! Ugh…stay SO SO SO BUSY LATELY, but, it is not a bad thing. Anyhow, mahalos BIG TIME for the repost…I need to stop being such a brainfarter and remembah to REPOST YOURS ON MINES…get plenny now…PLEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNY blogs lol

    I Love You !!! MAPU

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