Tarot Contemplation – Knight of Pentacles


Today’s messages are mainly about money and finance.  You are likely to finally receive news that you’ve been waiting on, and that news is likely to be good.  However, this is a “practical” kind of good, so no, it’s unlikely that you’ve won on the lottery.  Pay attention to the mundane and normal parts of your life.  A wise man once said to “take care of the little things and the big things will all fall into place.”  Look at how you are handling your affairs and ask yourself whether these matters are a grounding influence.  Now is not the time to suggest an overthrow of traditional ways of doing things.  You must work within existing systems and accomplish what people expect you to accomplish.  If you are looking for work, this can be a good omen that the position you need is forthcoming.  In your interviews, be sure to come across as dependable and even-keeled, as prospective employers are not looking for mavericks at this time.  Money will be coming in very soon and could come from anywhere … a raise, a lottery win, an inheritance … quite literally, anything from anywhere.  Regardless, keep your nose to the grindstone and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.  You may find yourself spiritually overwhelmed, potentially with no obvious reason.  Try to break down these feelings into manageable chunks.  No need to tackle everything in one sitting.  You are in the midst of spiritual change when this happens:  see that you change for the better.

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