Tarot Contemplation – Judgment (reversed)

Judgment may appear reversed when there is difficulty tuning into your higher calling, or when judgmental thinking is an obstacle. You may be trying to get clear about the best direction to take, but feel like you’re getting nowhere. Seek solitude and unplug so you can tune into your own voice. You may have trouble trusting your own voice. You may have ideas or fantasies that seem so impossible or unconventional that you quickly dismiss them. While it’s true that we have to start from where we are, remember that anyone who ever made a dream come true started with one small step. What can you do now to create the future you dream of? Judgment may also be reversed when we are being judgmental of others,or are feeling judged by others. Remember that what’s true for you is not necessarily someone else’s truth; we are all permitted to choose our own priorities in life. Try not to make assumptions about someone’s behavior; it’s likely you don’t know their whole story. If you feel judged by someone else, try not to let it get to you. Just do your best by your own assessment. Fear of others’ judgment may be holding you back from pursuing your dreams. What’s worse, though: being judged by others for following your heart, or getting to the end of your life and feeling full of regret for all the things you never did?

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