One thought on “Astrology for May 13, 2017

  1. The Holy Grail Cup of Astrology is sealed when Juno, Venus and Pallas
    Athena are within 1 to 15 degrees Scorpio, in Libra, and within 15 to
    30 degrees Virgo. Venus likes to be in Libra with Juno and Pallas
    in Scorpio and Virgo. See what your family and close ones can find for
    the three olives in the Holy Grail cup of the supper of Jesus Christ.
    If you have Eris on 15 degrees Aries, she may make you drink it for Ezekiel too,
    otherwise someone else will. (Matthew 20:22-23) This is my cup of the blood of
    the covenant of my resources. Drink it from ancient dates to the modern dates anew.
    Many people must drink together so that they are able to find the Holy Grail Cup.
    Children with their parents, and such is the way. Astrology is to be a gathering of spirits
    for our Father in heaven. (1 Corinthians 11:18-34)

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