Tarot Contemplation – Strength (reversed)

Your greatest strength is in being vulnerable today.  Let your defenses down.  Stop hiding, especially from yourself.  With a sense of unconditional self-love and compassion torwards your self, feel your feelings completely and honestly.  When Strength appears reversed, there is some trouble with personal power indicated.  You may feel like your cravings and urges are driving you, like you don’t have control over your life.  It may be that you have an addiction or habit that you feel powerless against.  You may be trying to suppress your urges only to be swept away by them … for example, you may forego certain foods all day only to find yourself binging on them at night.  You may have thought you had put an end to an old pattern, only to relapse.  In all these cases, remember that habits and addictions can be extremely powerful.  Be self-aware enough to realize you need help:  it is not a weakness.  Strength reversed can also appear when there is a power imbalance between you and someone else.  You may feel controlled or intimidated by someone.  You may be choosing to allow someone else to push you around out of fear of personal responsibility.  You may not feel confident enough to make your own decisions, so you submit to the will of another.  Alternatively, you may be the domineering one.  You may be using your emotional reactions to avoid some situation or to manipulate someone.  Strength reversed can indicate stubborn pride.  You may persist with some action or way of thinking even though it is not actually beneficial.  You may refuse to ask for help, even when it’s obvious that you cannot succeed alone.

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