Why Magick may not work

Eris Ilmirith

You have read the spell, gathered all the ingredients, even memorised the words and the steps. You have watched for the proper time and day, even paid attention to the Planets positions. You have put everything on the spell, really everything, but! It hasn’t worked…No signs, no results, no…nothing! Why has this happened? Is it the spell or you? Have you done something wrong? Let’s take things from the beginning and see some truths…

First of all, magick works every time! It really does! There are points that can make it work more slowly than expected, things that can put boundaries, but it is sure to work every time! There are some questions you have to consider when a spell doesn’t work…

  1. Clear intentions: Intention in magick is the A and Ω of everything. Clear up your mind, think of what you need exactly, find the correct exact words…

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