The Truth About Magickal Women

The Ghetto Allegory

June 5 2014 Living with Aloha Meme

Magickal Women  – We are everything that you cannot believe we are, and more…

…including honest, sometimes beyond fault.

I did not know that this is what I was being taught I would Be, through all those years in the company of the …empowered…women in my life, throughout my life, and the ones who have no idea what they taught me, or more, the means through which I was taught that thing called Truth and the revealing of it.

Most of the time, it is not because we called it into Being, Truth….

…most of the time, we merely show up in the lives of certain others and at certain times because those certain others have called us into Being in their lives and typically they do not know that this is what they have done.

Always….it is the Goddess who prompts us to either answer those Truths, or, allow…

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