Paradigm Shift || Energy Update 12/4, Next Wave

New wave spell today, day one of Yellow Sun.

Still seeing fast movement in water west pacific- talked about this over the last month.

Our entire body is integrating new codes, new information, new energy.. you could have an increase in energy one day and then be completely wiped out the next just make sure you’re taking advantage of when you’re feeling good and then resting when you need to always listen to your body no matter what. We are all going through this change and transition together.. there is not one person that has already gone through the shift completely that’s in this physical experience- we are all the same.

There could be a testing of the Grid or the internet in different locations, at different times within the next few weeks.

I was seeing something in my dream state which I don’t really know what it is but I think it may be a crater of some sort.

If you’re planning on doing the clearing/release & manifestation ritual Wed. 9pm EST USA, bring 2 pieces of paper and a pen to the group meditation.

If I’m unable to edit the video I made for the astrology for December before the livestream, I’ll talk about the astrology on the live stream instead & just upload the individual astro & channeled messages for each zodiac sign separate.

Here is one reference link:

For Galactic Signature and kin number: type in galactic signature calculator on google- or DreamAdvisor*

You can use your life path in numerology to connect with your archetype and deity as well.

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