Card of the Day – The Hierophant – Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Tarot by Cecelia


Your spiritual beliefs are highlighted today, not only by the Hierophant card itself, but thanks to the Sagittarius Moon, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and a sextile building toward tomorrow between Saturn and Neptune.  Saturn demands hard work and Neptune is all about your hopes and dreams, and the optimism provided to you today should help carry you far in your quest for your true desires.

And what of your beliefs?  Sagittarius allows you to see the bigger picture, perhaps expand on your spiritual horizons.  This card is very much about those spiritual beliefs, and it is even possible under the Aquarian influence of the Sun and Mercury, that you are considering new affiliations which resonate deeply with your soul.

In the more worldly scope of things, this card represents teaching and learning, very much a Sagittarian thing, and, it could be as simple as hearing of massive school closings in the…

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