Matt Kahn | Have You Ever Thought This?


You are never out of alignment with your journey. You can only be out of alignment with ideas. If you have ideas about your journey, they are the very ideas you are working so hard to stay in alignment with. If you could satisfy the insistence of such ideas, there would no longer be a need for such ideas to occur. And so, ideas try to keep themselves intact by using the consciousness of its true nature to find ways to show you how out of alignment you are. It does this because you innocently believe you can be out of alignment in some way.

There were probably instances from your past where you were treated a certain way for being out of alignment with a parent’s desire, expectation, or the rules for the family. And while such experiences were attempting to help you cultivate an inner moral compass – sometimes in a rather disheartening way, perhaps that also left you feeling as if every step of your journey is entirely up to you. Or that pleasure is the reward for doing things right and punishment is the presence of pain or absence of pleasure, helping you build a case of wrongdoing that only ideas may suggest.

As time goes by, you will remain subservient to these ideas, like vengeful inner gods to try to keep them happy until you allow each bubble of an idea to dissolve, simply by seeing each closely-guarded belief as an idea (most-likely a reflection of someone else’s idea), and nothing more.

In the end, the process will have served you well.

You will have become immune to using the power of ideas against yourself, having spent so much time exhausting yourself and giving so much of your energy to maintaining an alignment that is already your natural state, and not an effortful creation of any kind.

You may not always feel the way you wish, and it may seem like you are light years away from where you hope to be, but all the while, you have never been less than fully aligned with a journey that has so much to teach and share, regardless of the ideas arising. If there is something to be in alignment with, it is the trust, faith, and guidance of heart-centered consciousness that always shows you how each moment is enacted by the perfection of wisdom, always in support of your evolutionary benefit, and not as a result of the circumstances in view.

Once you no longer use the power of ideas against yourself, you are ready to expand your inner healer into an inner artist who was born into a body to use the power of creativity for the greater good of all. This is the transformative power of consciousness in action.

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