Requested Reiki Healing (Familial Relationships)

My precious friends and family,

We start with an introduction to conscious communication with what I have labeled “repeat after me” or “I now state out aloud” as an affirmational tool and also to make a particular point. This technique allows you to relate to your emotions and put words to feelings, as well as giving direction as to what actions may be appropriate or not, and ways to handle particular situations. Additionally, it is a great way to imagine or hear the words within your own mind, as though you are all saying the words for yourselves.

The Archangelic Invocations give us the tools we need to feel valued and loved and to navigate through whatever arises expressing what we are feeling.

Spiritual work – Donation

Consider completing this circle of healing with your heartfelt donation. Proceeds go directly to fund continuing education programs supporting continuing, prospective and alumni students. Aloha and Mahalo for your contribution to our school!


If you’d like to work out energetically a specific issue or area in your life of which you are particularly concerned, I invite you to set up formal sessions with me through this link on my website … and let’s see what progress we can make together:

Hōʻokūpū – Causing Intentions To Sprout and Grow

An exchange of energies further enlivens the Reiki energies shared with you here today.  Your heartfelt donation, no matter the amount, completes the Circle of Gratitude that fuels this intended cycle for change.

It is a pleasure to connect with you and we look forward to hearing from you again in the very near future.  May the Spirit of our Mother-Father-God be with you now and always!

Here’s to your Abundance … in Peace and Aloha!

Spiritual Work – Donation

Complete this perpetual energetic circle with your energy exchange in any amount you deem appropriate.