Seeds for Meditation … Audible Emotions

damsel muse
Have you ever noticed how certain songs are instant hits, loved by the masses; and other songs are complete duds?

The dud may have the same beat, tempo, and subject matter as the hit, but no one likes it. Haven’t you ever wondered what may be happening beneath the perceivable surface?

When you think about songs and what they really are … emotion … A song is an audible emotion!

So, the reason why particular songs appeal to the masses and others don’t is because of the emotion being projected by the musician.

Now, when you have some free time (but don’t put this off too long, else you’ll forget) listen to 4 or 5 songs and pay close attention to how each song makes you feel.

Pick different songs, not just hits.  Maybe there’s a song that you love, but most people don’t.  Notice the emotion that the particular song evokes in you and ask yourself why you can relate more to that song/emotion than others.

Enjoy this exercise!