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In the beginning there was only endless darkness.Out of this darkness, two beings were born; the male Kumulipo, whose name means “The essence of darkness” and the female Po’ele whose name means “darkness itself”.
These two created all the creatures of the total darkness; the shellfish that live at the very bottom of the ocean floor,the plants that grow during the dark of night and the grubs that burrow in the earth. As these creatures were born the dark became slightly lighter.The first beings gave birth to the male Pouliuli whose name means “deep darkness” and the female Powehiwehi, whose name means “darkness with a little light”.
This couple created all the creatures of the almost-darkness; they created the fish that swim in the deep seas and land creatures that live in almost in darkness.
These dark creatures had offspring, and with every new life, the deep darkness of this world got a little brighter.The second couple gave birth to a third: the male Po’el’ele, whose name means “night” and the female Pohaha,whose name means “coming into dawn”.
These two created the creatures of the darkness-near-dawn; the insects that fly by night, the caterpillar, the grass-hopper and a large egg.
The egg hatched into thousands of birds. These were the birds that fly and sing in the hours just before dawn.The fish, the birds and the insects all had offspring- each new creature added some light to the darkness, until it was getting closer to the light we have in the hours before dawn.
Next to be born were Popanopano and Polalowwehi who gave birth to sea-turtles, lobsters and other shellfish that live in shallow waters in near-darkness. They gave birth to the male Po’hiolo and the female Po’ne’a’aku. Their names mean “night ending”. They produced the rat Pilo’I and Kamapua, the pig, both creatures of day and night.
By this time it was almost dawn and the earth was already buzzing with the life from so many creations. These twocreated the first dawn and light finally came into the world.
The first man, Ki’i and the first woman La’ila’a were born — they were both dark since they were born just at dawn. The first man and first woman had many children. With each generation, their skins became lighter and lighter until they became the color they are now.

Source: HAWAIIAN CREATION | Devin Blanch – Academia.edu