The Essene Holy Communion For WEDNESDAY

Angel of Sun / Angel of Love
“Evening and morning, and at noonday I will pray; and He shall hear my voice” ~ Psalms 55:15
SEASONAL FOCUS:   Flowers announce the promise of fruition.
The Angel of the Sun – Wednesday Morning.
The purpose of this Communion was to become receptive to the solar energies and establish a perfect unity between the self and the sun and distribute its power throughout the body.
THE PHYSICAL COMMUNION:   This day’s focus is on the Sun. Allow its power and light to enter your body. Rise early and go to a place where you can observe the Sun rise. Begin your morning meditation with the first rays of light. With arms outstretched and palms facing the light, let the Sun nourish your body and soul.
Note:  Exposure to Sunlight is an important source of Vitamin D. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from Sunlight trigger Vitamin D synthesis in the skin. 10 minutes of exposure to the Sun three times a week is enough to maintain healthy Vitamin D levels in the body. (Most people have Vitamin D deficiencies.)
THE DEEPENING:   Let thy love be as the Angel of Sun which shines upon ALL the creatures of the earth, and does not favor even one blade of grass for another.
MORNING COMMUNION:   Angel of SUN I invoke thee. Thou art the fountain of light that warms our days and lights our path. It is by your glory that man is destined to live within the Holy Law, and as each morning comes, I shall embrace thee.
MEDITATION:   This day brings to the world the divine blessings of the glorious Sun and its radiant gifts of warmth and of light. How mindlessly we go about our days shielded from your nourishment and unable the receive your blessed gifts. Without fail, I shall find time this day to take the gift of your light into my soul, so that my own light may shine unto others with the same power and glory that you have given unto me.
NOON CONTEMPLATION OF PEACE:  Peace with HUMANITY, Social Peace.  Let thy love be as the Sun which shines on ALL creatures of the earth, and does not favor even one blade of grass for another.
The Angel of Love – Wednesday Evening.
Love was considered by the Essenes to be the highest creative feeling and they held that a cosmic ocean of love exists everywhere uniting all forms of life and, that life itself is an expression of love.
EVENING COMMUNION:   Angel of LOVE I invoke thee; for love is the first blessing of the Heavenly Father. Yea, it was said in the days of old, thou shalt love thy brother as thyself; and to every one who loveth another is born of the Heavenly Order, and shall drink from the well of eternity; and as each evening comes, I shall embrace thee.
THE BLESSING:   The warmth of this day has filled me. How natural it is to feel this blessing and to radiate it back into the world. I look into the eyes of another and see only shared divinity. The boundaries have disappeared. Thou are no longer a stranger to my heart.
“They (Essenes) greeted the Sun each morning with great reverence”~ Josephus, Jewish historian, 1st century CE
Truly, all must be born again of Sun and of truth, for your body basks in the sunlight of the Earthly Mother, and your spirit basks in the sunlight of truth of the Heavenly Father. ~ Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ
I will praise Thy works with songs of Thanksgiving continually, from period to period, in the circuits of the day, and in its fixed order; with the coming of light from its source and at the turn of evening and the outgoing of light, at the outgoing of darkness and the coming in of day, continually, in all the generations of time. ~The Thanksgiving Psalms: The Dead Sea Scrolls
A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another and all creatures of God. Love is the fulfillment of the Law. Love IS God and God IS love. Whoso loveth not, knoweth not God.  ~ Jesus, Gospel of the Holy Twelve
Peace be with you.