Adam Daniel Buttons

From the Southern California Halau, Adam is an Ordinant-Initiate of the Alpha et Omega Order of Melchizedek at The Halau. He is also an LDS Melchizedek Priesthood Holder and a Master Mason.

I have a been a student of The Halau since 2017.  Lana and David are committed to ongoing growth and development. I encourage all people looking at this school to join it — you will learn a lot of great things. People always ask me where can i learn about the metaphysical subjects and healing. I always say what do you want to learn? Where do you want to go? If you are looking for fellowship of like minded people consider looking into this. I have been a student of The Halau since August 2017. If any of you are interested in learning Reiki and other esoteric arts and sciences please consider joining this school. You will learn allot. Lana and David dedicate their lives in being of service to others. Lana is constantly informing people and educating people. She has an impressive background both in traditional and esoteric educational arenas. You will learn and all that is required is you have to be willing to listen.