Tony Balducci

Tony Balducci is an 8th dan Reiki Grandmaster and an Initiate of the Alpha et Omega Order of Melchizedek

I would like to write some lines about my experience with “The Halau” school, with Victoria and David as they go beyond the simple Teacher / Student relationship.

Both have demonstrated knowledge and training that goes beyond the simple study: the patience they have shown in all these years with me, respecting my times, understanding my circumstancies and limitations (Spanish is my mother tongue) and the effort to make me progress evidence how important and fundamental are these teachings for them.

Both have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate knowledge and wisdom far superior to what can be commonly obtained. There is no arguments, questions or curiosity that they have not responded with serenity and mainly fundamental to their reasonings or explanations.

In my humble opinion, these are the qualities that makes the difference between a simple teacher and a Master …
And, in my case, two very special Friends.

Mahalo Sista Victoria
Mahalo David