Jiri Kral

Jiri Kral, Reiki Grandmaster, 18th dan, who has mastered Crystal Reiki and Ethereal Crystals. Jiri is also one of our Melchizadek High Priests and an Initiate-Ordinate candidate.

Hi everybody,

I’d like to take a second to join the crowd and shortly share my experience with the Hālau. This is not your average school. Anyone can go, take a reiki weekend class and get a certificate.  A certificate won’t make you a master. Knowledge will. If that’s what you are after, this is the place to be.

I came here to learn and I can assure everyone that the love, knowledge and sense of family you will receive here from Grandmasters Victoria Lanakila Generao and David Crawford will blow you away.

Their commitment to every student comes from the heart. They have the knowledge and experience to teach you more then most of you probably even thought was possible.

If you need help to become a healer, and/or to expand your horizons in the spiritual department, in my opinion, you will not find a better place then the Hālau.