Renee Harper-Vacek

Renee Harper-Vacek is an 18th dan Reiki Grandmaster and an Initiate of The Halau’s Melchizedek Sanctuarium. She is a published author, a licensed massage therapist and a professional metaphysician.

I have been reflecting deeply over the past few months, and one of those thought processes includes my own feelings of the Halau. Some may wonder exactly what holds my heart here, so I want to reveal the innermost reflections that have arisen during my recent exploration of myself.

One word that comes to mind is acceptance. You see, here in the Halau, I have grown in acceptance of my own path and others. As a Grandmaster here, it has become significant that acknowledging each member’s individual journey and path leads to and from here – this heart-centered place of learning and growth. Grandmasters Victoria Lanakila Generao and David Crawford have brought together a synergy that encompasses the individual’s journey along with solid teachings that dive deep into the core of Reiki as it was meant to be taught and practiced. Additionally, each student/teacher brings his/her own path and journey’s experiences creating a cosmic and universal connection to the ancestral originations.

I would like to add, as well, that one of the highlights of the Halau is the encouragement to grow as a spiritual being. That is, first and foremost, the key value here, and one that I hold dearest to my heart.

Peace and Love to All,

Grandmaster Renee Harper-Vacek