Keidra Hoskins

Reiki Grandmaster Keidra Hoskins, 8th dan

For anyone who reads this testimonial, I know this message was meant for you. Your life can change almost overnight and you deserve to have that change you want. 

For me, the change actually occurred over three nights.  🙂 I had just enrolled in their Reiki program.  When I received my attunement from Lana and David, it was a life-altering experience.  I can’t help but laugh when I think about it, because I have studied with Reiki “Masters” before and have received numerous attunements in the past … so I figured I knew what to expect. WRONG! LOL.

For three days straight: my skin was tight, I thought I was going through Menopause (15 years early) with severe hot flashes, and I felt like “I” was growing too big for my body! (think Alice in Wonderland, when she grows too big for the White Rabbit’s house!)

Their attunement knocked me on my butt and opened my eyes to the true REIKI experience. It is a way of being comprised of making the choice to commit to purging what no longer serves you and allowing REIKI to not only fill you up, but also emanate from your being … all with the support of the Halau. You are accepted as you are, and Grand Masters Lana and David lovingly mentor you to get you where you wanna be.  You can call whenever you need them.  You are family.

Some of you may wonder what kind of experience this school will provide you, especially with my attunement experience which could be described as “crazy” at best and “traumatic” at its worst.  But, it was neither of these things.  It was what was needed for me to embark on my journey.  The beauty of this School is that you get what you need for your path.

No one’s journey is the same.  If REIKI isn’t for you, there are so many other modalities you can experience here at The Halau.  When you are ready to pursue your individual path towards self-discovery, self-mastery, self-healing, or whatever it is  you are looking for at this point in your life, everything you need can be found at this school under the tutelage of Grand Masters Lana and David.  They are grounded, accessible, compassionate and, more importantly, they are amazing teachers and healers committed to creating and holding a safe and loving space for YOU to HEAL Yourself. 

I can say wholeheartedly that once you learn how to heal yourself, magic and miracles literally can and do happen rapidly, if you allow it. You develop and relax in your own personal power and discover a deep wellspring of personal resolve. But, you have to do the work.

The work can be hard, but you don’t have to do it alone.  It is my intention that all who read these words will also feel inspired and excited about finally finding a place that resonates with the part of you that has been looking for answers … and then, you happen to stumble upon this website.  The universe has responded to your request.  Take the hint!  Sending you much love and a little zap of inspired action.