“The 7,000 Year Old Master” ~ Eric Pepin

matrix tree

Thousands of years ago on a warm summer’s morning a human being walked amongst other men the beaten path to the distant village where the day’s work would begin.

The suns warmth penetrating the flesh and warming the blood within always calls for a moment of appreciation, inward.

“Every morning you have walked this path, I have been there to greet you, touching your cheek and warming your soul”

Unconsciously slowing their walk to momentarily savor the morning presence, a sound is caught in the webbing of the silent mind, a faint distant buzzing rapidly approach’s from behind and peaks to a sudden eruption of rhythmic pattern and as quickly as it came it fades into the distance. In an instant one takes in the shape and form of a dragonfly passing by.

“Because you were with me in the moment you savored my touch upon your cheek a window of truth was opened and you reached out to the dragonfly drawing it to you, as it passed your mind was so fast the dragonfly had become so slow. Your eyes met as they crossed paths and in its reflection you seen reality truths”

The dragonfly echoes a feeling within that seems to remain longer then it should. Holding their mind to it as they observe themselves experiencing its fleeting impression.

A loud bellow vibrates through the air breaking the moment of reflection. To reveal it’s self on the banks of the river as a water buffalo being bathed by its master.

The sun dancing on the surface of the broken water although familiar this time it’s as if triangles were shaped as light pieces between the waves, seeming interlaced as a hidden design that draws the minds attention to investigate further. The water settles and its mystery with it.

They become aware of the sudden breath inward they take as their mind is released from the moments captivation, for a moment acknowledging that perhaps they had not breathed during the entire observation?

Walking the long and distant path they observe their feet, bare and naked pressing into the soft dry powdery earth. Admiring the detail of the veins, muscles and bones orchestrating each changing step… rhythmically… Each step imprinting into the earth, pushing small mounds up and around each toe and each mound having crumbling grains separately rolling down from the top.

The eyes dilating and awareness expanding wider the patterns on the ground reveal the treaded path of man and beasts have taken for years. Mounds of dry soft earth dipping and lifting all around each foot. Slowly revealing the waves in the water and then the shimmering triangles in-between them?

Shaking their head, and breathing in suddenly to clear their mind they return to normal…

Emotion becomes perplexed and the mind engages to wonder and the chest feels full….

“Find me…”

Along the river the forest has a twin reflecting back at it. There is a small old bridge that crossing a line between the banks and today it calls their name. Crossing the bridge looking forward they see the path fading into the forest and decide this day they will take the risk and the consequences of not arriving in the village center if only for a short while.

The presence of the trees towering from above makes them feel ever smaller in their presence, as if they were fading away into them. But the beams of sun light in between the leaves draws them upward.

There before a grand tree dancing with light beams the earth calls out invitingly. They sit into a meditation position. Closing their eyes, breathing deeply and releasing the weight of day with their breath. They surrender into the divine.

After sometime they slowly open their eyes upon seeing a wonder. Ever so still one settles upon their lips ever so gently breached a whisper is spoken from them… Reality is an illusion….

“Only now are you ready to do the work you are needed for.”

~ Eric Pepin, “Handbook of the Navigator” (excerpt)


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