10 Surprisingly Healthy Foods Your Grandparents Ate That You Should Too

When was the last time you enjoyed fresh homemade baked bread?
When was the last time you enjoyed fresh homemade baked bread?

In generations prior, our grandparents were consuming foods that were healthier than the pesticide ridden, genetically modified and hormone injected food that is rampant today. Before big box food companies became money hungry and clever, there was a plethora of foods being distributed that were pure and non manipulated.

To increase their profit margin, increase the longevity of produce lasting and increase the size of harvests, many companies today have resorted to methods like using heavy pesticides and genetically modifying plants to make their crops more resistant to bugs and more resilient against the elements. In other words, the focus shifting from creating healthful, quality foods to creating adulterated foods that endanger the health of the masses.

Over the years, the nutritional villain has been deemed many different things; two of which are fat and sugar. This was simply a way to direct attention away from the actual issue, which is the quality of our food. Merely all whole foods can be eaten in moderation with no health risks.

However, eating too much of foods that are pumped full of chemicals is the true health detriment. Our grandparents may have seemingly indulged too much; but the contrary is true. Our bodies need fat and sugar as two of the crucial macronutrients in our diets.

Thus, they might have eaten meals that have a significant fat and/or sugar intake; but their bodies were able to remain balanced and healthy because the pesticides, GMO’s and hormones from animal products were not an issue.

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