HA’AWINA NA UHANE ALOHA ~ E Homai (Return Me, Grant Me)

SuperegoA HUGE activator of Mana and an invocation to connect back to all wisdom inside you, above and around you; to all that became hidden behind human concerns. An intentional return to your own spiritual source.

E homai
Ka ike mai luna mai e
Ona mea huna no’eau
Ona mele e
E homai
E homai
E homai


RAISING MANA ~ Connecting To The Source ~ E HOMAI

This is a chant of connection:
• To all the wisdom inside you,
• To the wisdom above and around you,
• To all that has become “hidden” behind everyday human level concerns.

This chant is an intentional return to your own spiritual source. It was written by Auntie Edith Kanaka’ole of Hui Ho’ola on Moku o Keawe, the “Big Island” of Hawai’i.  This is a very popular personal chant performed by many hula halau.  The English translation and a tiny bit of kaona (hidden, metaphoric meaning) follows:


(Hawai’ian to English Translation)

E — Respectfully, with greatest regard, asking for and granted the right to be heard.

Homai — Return, grant me, activate the unbroken universal energetic flow.

Ka ‘ike mai — The skills, knowledge, the knowing, seeing, the understanding … return.

Luna mai e — from above (the higher, super-consciousness, perspective) … return.

O na mea huna — Of the things hidden (the tiny, seemingly insignificant grains of sand on the seashore, the things lost
amongst the melieu of other everyday concerns)

No’eau — Wisdom, inspiration, talents, skills (hidden treasures, wisdom)

O na mele — Of the songs (the joys in Life, those things that make
the heart sing)

E — (a closure, having been heard by Na Kupuna,
acknowledgment that the “lei” of regard is closed.)

E homai — Return me, grant me (also means, “I am returned,” “It is granted me”).


Additional Notes:

This is one of the best chants ever created for reconnecting you with your spirit source. Chanting this particular chant will put you in ‘da canoe every time! No be ha’ale (shy) now – belt it out – chant it until it is part of your cell structure. “Owning” this chant will heal you in the physical sense, all the way to your DNA … I no kid you, eh!  And seriously, the Aunties on the Big Island have plenty of medical documentation that shows that chanting this chant makes cellular changes within the chanter!

E homai!


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