Tarot Contemplation – King of Wands


Today is going to be a great day!  Men around you are thinking well of you and this vibe inspires your ambition to do more and be more.  Perhaps a lighter haired man will step forward and volunteer to mentor you.  You can trust him and count on his advice, though he might be a bit rough around the edges.  He will offer a good contrast for you to gauge how you approach situations in comparison to his approach.  At work, things are running smoother and you are feeling focused and busy … if you’re job hunting, prospects look good.  Your relationship with your partner is strong and s/he is feeling warmly caring, protective and committed … so if you’ve been focusing a lot on work, make the time to acknowledge your partner’s support with some romantic face time.  You might discover that you have a particular talent or proficiency in skills that will encourage you to branch out and explore.  Check it out by reading up and doing some research … this direction might be the beginning of a new business venture of your own unique creation.  Boldness in pursuing your dreams has power within it; just don’t go overboard with your enthusiasm and overdo it.  This is a great time to enjoy your expanding Spirit … so commend yourself for being persistent in allowing your Self to just Be.  Your consistency and persistence in past efforts is finally paying off.

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