Tarot Contemplation – Five of Swords


The beginning of a major phase change from yesterday continues to reverberate within you today.  You’ve gone through this uphill leg of your journey before and here we are again, doubting our Selves and our choices.  The whole point of detaching from the negativity of former relationships and work situations is to continue onward and focused in this moment.  Try not to allow this unsettled feeling affect your temperament.  Maintaining the balance is always going to be your answer, rather than picking a fight because you’re angry about a situation.  This is yet another test in how you handle your Self as you continue expanding your experience horizon.  Don’t add to the angst of a situation.  Rather, find a way to blow off steam without taking heads.  You will reap better rewards tomorrow if you’re less reactionary and careless today.

An Antidote to the Age of Anxiety: Alan Watts on Happiness and How to Live with Presence – Brain Pickings

“The brain can only assume its proper behavior when consciousness is doing what it is designed for: not writhing and whirling to get out of present experience, but being effortlessly aware of…

Source: An Antidote to the Age of Anxiety: Alan Watts on Happiness and How to Live with Presence – Brain Pickings

Scientists Discover That Bacteria Have a Collective Memory | Wake Up World


A recent study found that bacteria not only exhibit collective motion but collective memory too. What might the implications be?

Collective motion can be observed in many biological systems, for example, schools of fish. Now a recent study out of Zurich has demonstrated experimentally that, while individual bacteria cells have short memories, groups of bacteria can develop a collective memory, increasing survival rates to outside threats.

By guest writer Josh Richardson

Source: Scientists Discover That Bacteria Have a Collective Memory | Wake Up World

The Elders Christed Heart Transmissions ~ The Diamond Codes and Knowing Heart – The Melchizedek and PleiadianThe Melchizedek and Pleiadian

Elders Transmissions ~ April 2016 Continue reading →

Source: The Elders Christed Heart Transmissions ~ The Diamond Codes and Knowing Heart – The Melchizedek and PleiadianThe Melchizedek and Pleiadian

Tarot Contemplation – Death


Most people look at this card and cringe … but that’s not it’s meaning at all!  (BTW, reserve that knee-jerk reaction for the Three of Swords.)  This card is all about Change/Transition, Liberation and Transformation … and progressing through a Portal.  Remember the message from the 8 of Wands during the last major energy shift of April 9th?  He loli ʻole, ke ʻalo aʻe, he paīo kōho. Change is inevitable; struggle is an option.  (This is a great mantra to shift you into a more upbeat perspective.  Try it.)  Today, you might find that folks you previously relied upon are no longer available to you … and these changes you might find difficult to accept.  But, you must move on and move forward, Friends.  This is a time of change that brings destruction and renewal … As in Nature, when Fall’s changing climate naturally prunes back overgrowth after fruits have already been harvested and consumed, and the plants have to rest to regenerate in the Spring.  This is a day when you remember that when one door closes, another one opens.  And, even if you feel comfy and settled in a situation but feeling your skill set is under-utilized, like work, you might find that you could be forced out anyway.  Wouldn’t it be better to exit on your own terms while the going is good?  This also applies to relationships that have reached a dead-end … does it really serve your Highest Good to remain where neither of you wishes to be?  You know when it’s been long enough, so know when to move on.  Financial challenges mean sacrifices to make ends meet, so take a moment to figure out your next steps and just do it.  Try not to beat yourself up by abusing your body with excessive food, drink or drugs.  You know you’re on your game when you’re healthy, sane and sober, so don’t be weak on yourself now.  A positive perspective is what will get you through today … allow yourself to feel what you feel, but don’t wallow in self-pity.  Reach out to those that remain and support you so you move onward and upward!

Hawai’ian Mele for your Weekend!

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Over The Rainbow (Full Album)

A compilation album of Bruddah IZ’s best work. Kanikapila!!


0:00 – 3:30 Over The Rainbow
3:30 – 8:47 Hawai’i ’78
8:47 – 11:23 White Sandy Beach
11:23 – 15:59 Wind Beneath My Wings / He Hawai’i Au
15:59 – 19:59 Kaulana Kawaihae
19:59 – 22:49 Ulili E
22:49 – 25:14 Hele on to Kauai
25:14 – 28:08 Ka Pua U’i
28:08 – 32:50 Hi’ilawe
32:50 – 36:30 La Elima
36:30 – 40:38 Opae E
40:38 – 44:48 In This Life
44:48 – 49:16 Wonderful World
49:16 – 53:31 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


1. Gabby Pahinui – Ka Makani Ka’ili Aloha 0:00
2. Keola Beamer; George Winston – Kalena Kai 2:52
3. Gabby Pahinui – Hi’ilawe 7:16
4. Dennis Kamakahi – ‘Ülili E (Vocal Duet With David Kamakahi) 11:25
5. Makaha Sons; Dennis Pavao – Ka Loke 15:43
6. Ray Kane — Auwe 19:01
7. Gabby Pahinui – Leahi 21:18
8. Jeff Peterson – Hawaiian Skies 25:11
9. Gabby Pahinui; Sons Of Hawaii – He’eia 27:35
10. Keola Beamer – ‘Imi Au Iá ‘Oe 30:17
11. Gabby Pahinui – Kaua’i Beauty 33:28
12. Sonny Chillingworth – Hi’ilawe 36:54
13. Gabby Pahinui – Wai O Ke Aniani 43:06
14. Ozzie Kotani; Daniel Ho — Paka Ua 45:59
15. Charles Michael Brotman – Hapuna Sunset 49:50
16. Makana – Deep In An Ancient Hawaiian Forest 53:41
17. Lena MacHado – Mom 58:55
18. Sol Hoopii’s Novelty Trio – Ka Mele Oku’u Puuwai (78rpm Version) 01:01:48

Artist: Various
Album: The Descendants: Music
Year: 2011

Meditation Session

MEDITATION SESSION … Ancient wisdom says that OM creates harmony and balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of being. Are you ready now to go in to deep relaxation and let your body and mind reap the benefits of the OM sound? If not, don´t listen to this. Headphones are recommended.

Not So Keen On Greens? Here’s the Perfect Green Smoothie Recipe for You | Wake Up World

If you ask me, green drinks are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Having a green drink in the morning provides a natural energy boost for the day and is the perfect way to support the body’s elimination and detox processes. But for some people, the taste of straight greens can be so off-putting that they go without. Well, today I’m going to share with you the perfect green smoothie for people who aren’t so keen on greens. This recipe is packed full of goodness and tastes delicious. Even if you do love your greens, it’s a sweet refreshing alternative to a straight green drink. By Guest Writer Gavin Bragg

Source: Not So Keen On Greens? Here’s the Perfect Green Smoothie Recipe for You | Wake Up World

Tarot Contemplation – The Moon


This card is like the Pisces of the tarot … the focus is on “I Feel”, which means you’re feeling more psychic and intuitive … and that might make you a bit confused and uneasy.  Relax into this phase of your spiritual Awakening.  Trust your gut … your Spidey senses … because all might not be as it seems.  If you’re waiting for answers from someone, they might not be as intuitive as you’re feeling, so stay calm and continue to be patient with him/her.  At work, if things are unclear, then ask questions and be an active listener.  Give your coworkers or supervisors the benefit of the doubt because, again, all might not be as it seems … and this approach might yield a view that isn’t as bad as you think.  Your relationships are in a highly emotional state at the moment, so take a break if needed just to keep a calm balance.  Same approach at home as at work, so pick your battles and avoid flying off the handle.  If you’re feeling impatient on the financial front, the best approach is a relaxed one.  Don’t act rashly, as this is probably not the best time to rely on anything other than concrete facts.  Moderation is the key today.  Spiritually, you’re feeling comfortable in exploring ways to go deeper into yourself, so pay attention to those thoughts and feelings … and the flashes of information that will seem to come out of nowhere.  And, if you’re so inclined, indulge in some of those great spiritual books … you’re likely to get more messages out of them than usual.

Connecting with Your Tribe: 10 Essential Keys to Calling in Your ‘People’ | Wake Up World

In this era of new earth consciousness, people are ‘waking up’ at an exponential rate. If you’re one of these newly awakened souls, chances are you’ve outgrown your life, and you probably feel a little isolated. Rest assured, you are right where you are supposed to be. Finding your tribe is as fundamental a piece of the awakening journey, so today I offer my top ten tips to consciously calling in ‘your people’ – the ones that fit with and will support you on this new journey. By Guest Writer Michele Peppler

Source: Connecting with Your Tribe: 10 Essential Keys to Calling in Your ‘People’ | Wake Up World

Tarot Contemplation – Page of Wands


A young woman might cross your path who will inspire you with her warmth, cheerfulness and daring … which makes her distracting.  Enjoy feeling excited and optimistic that the seeds you planted through hard work and diligence days ago are sprouting nicely.  This is a time ripe for new approaches, new ideas and new adventures, but remain focused.  There is a light-haired woman at work who is inclined to help you.  If you’ve been job hunting and awaiting a job hiring decision, good news is likely to come from an opportunity that might turn out better than you expected.  Your relationships will feel more lively and enjoyable.  If you’re into the dating scene, there are a lot of positive prospects that you can pursue, and again, pursue only if you are available.  If you’re in a committed relationship and things haven’t been going well lately, now is the time to decide whether to move on and move forward.  Long range planning is a good focus relative to your finances.  Where do you want to be in ten, twenty or thirty years, and how will you get there?  In health matters, think about what you can do to live a more healthy lifestyle … Do you need more exercise?  What are healthier choices you can make in your diet?  Such decisions are never easy, but they become do-able if you make the effort.  Spiritually, you feel springy, childlike … your creativity and desire to entertain new avenues of thought and feeling are inspired, and this direction will deepen and enrich your Spirit.

Meditation – The Blossoming of Acceptance, by Matt Kahn

It’s okay to feel angry, even if it’s not okay with you.

It’s okay to feel sad, even if it’s not okay with you.
It’s okay to feel fearful, even if it’s not okay with you.
It’s okay to feel confused, even if it’s not okay with you.
purple orchidIt’s okay to feel desperate, even if it’s not okay with you.
It’s okay to feel compulsive, even if it’s not okay with you.
It’s okay to feel heartbroken, even if it’s not okay with you.
It’s okay to feel jealous, even if it’s not okay with you.

It’s okay to feel judgmental, even if it’s not okay with you.
It’s okay to feel misunderstood, even when it’s not okay with you.
It’s okay to feel uninspired, even if it’s not okay with you.
It’s okay to feel ashamed, even if it’s not okay with you.

It’s okay to feel denied, even if it’s not okay with you.
It’s okay to feel empty, even if it’s not okay with you.
It’s okay to feel left out, even if it’s not okay with you.
It’s okay to feel hopeless, even if it’s not okay with you.

No matter how you feel, you deserve more love, not less. When love is not a feeling to chase or hold in place, but the compassionate support that befriends each emotion and embraces how you feel, you are able to find the companionship you desire without abandoning yourself in the process.


In every breath, you deserve more love, not less. This is how acceptance blossoms for the well-being of all. It is the way of heart-centered consciousness.


Tarot Contemplation – Judgment


If you’re looking for a turning point on your present journey, this is it … Now is not the time for rash decision-making.  Slow down and give the situation around you more thought, and the people around you another chance. Don’t jump to conclusions.  By the same token, if others are making choices about you, there’s nothing you can do about it, so ‘aole no … leave it alone.  At work, you’re being watched, so take the time to make an extra effort to pay attention to details.  Just try hard and do your best and your efforts will pay off.  Get with the program now.  With relationships, it’s make-it-or-break-it time, so be very clear about what you want out of life and your relationships.  There is a positive upswing with your finances; money and contracts are headed your way.  Caution pays off, so no speeding down the freeway (literally), or it will cost you big time.  Let go of your need to be right … if someone did you wrong, then they will be held to account for their choices, not you.  Take the high road.


Mysteries of The Pineal Gland Ignored by Mainstream Science and Research — Love Has Won

By Christina Sarich, Waking Times, 04/12/2016

There is an endocrine gland within our bodies that, when unimpeded, receives more blood flow per cubic volume than almost any organ in the body, including the heart.[1][2] It has been written about in masked language, or painted in art throughout the ages, and represented in a staggering number of ways for thousands of years – yet modern medicine hasn’t found it interesting enough to study clinically – or has it?The pineal gland’s true purpose is shrouded in mystery. Is this intentional?Will it take an information coup to keep us from being estranged from the cosmic gifts which so many of our ancestors refer to as being locked within this tiny pine-cone shaped mass of cells, or is there modern, scientific corroboration for what the ancients called the Epicenter of Enlightenment just waiting for us to peruse?Basics of the Pineal GlandOn the surface level, the ‘Pine’al’ gland, shaped like a pinecone, is at the geometric center of our brain and is intimately entwined with our perception of light. The pineal gland modulates circadian rhythms, and thus how we sleep. It remains uniquely isolated from the blood-brain barrier system, yet receives a higher percentage of blood flow than any other organ of the body except the kidneys. The pineal gland is tiny – smaller than a dime – located at the back of the roof of the third ventricle of the brain. (The ventricles are parts of the brain filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which act to maintain the optimum chemical environment for the central nervous system cells). The pineal becomes steadily calcified with age, starting most often before puberty, meaning it shows up clearly on skull X-rays and CT scans to allow identification of the midline.[3]It is worth mentioning here that sodium fluoride calcifies the pineal gland. British scientist Jennifer Luke published a study showing that fluoride deposits accumulate in the pineal gland and calcify it. Just as bones go through a process of calcification to harden – a good thing, necessary for our health and functioning, the pineal gland can become ‘hardened’ through calcification, but to our greatest detriment, the reasons for which will be explained as you read further.Additionally, a 450 page review on fluoride toxicity published by the National Research Council in 2006 reported that fluoride produced a range of negative side effects including “decreased melatonin production” and “other effects on normal pineal function, which in turn could contribute to a variety of effects in humans.”The Pineal, Light, and Melatonin ProductionThe light-transducing ability of the pineal gland has led some to call the pineal the “third eye”. Oddly, the pineal contains rods and cones, just like our eyes in order to process light, even though it is smack dab in the center of our ‘dark’ brains. The gland is also responsible for creating and secreting melatonin. Melatonin communicates with our hormonal system about environmental light to the rest of the body and can entrain us to a certain biological rhythm, but there’s more to melatonin than just regulating our sleep-wake cycles.The precursor to melatonin is serotonin, which is stored in large quantities by the pineal gland – a hormone you may have heard of since it is so keenly linked with feeling good. Without proper serotonin creation in the body, the result is depression, and sometimes severe depression. Of the 40 million cells in our brains, serotonin interacts or communicates with almost all of them.[4]Is the Pineal Responsible for Spontaneous Realization or Psychedelic Experience?On a spiritual level, people in hundreds of cultures throughout the world have credited the pineal gland’s proper functioning with spontaneous spiritual experiences. Does it produce a psychedelic chemical or chemicals that allows us to exit into other dimensions, and even to enter and exit physical form? Does it allow an escape from this physical world in which we are currently held prisoner? What, truly, does this mysterious gland really do?The pineal gland forms in a human embryo at 49 days during gestation – which just happens to also be the amount of time it takes, according to Tibetan Buddhists, for a soul to reincarnate into their next physical body.[5]Other historical as well as natural references to the pineal gland[6], and so many of them, would certainly pique the interest of most any modern scientist studying the brain, the endocrine system, botany, or even human intelligence, but there seems to be a shrouding of the mysteries of the pineal, for reasons which might become more obvious after reading further. For example: * The pinecone happens to be the evolutionary precursor to the flower, with the spines spiraling in a perfect Fibonacci sequence, just like the sacred geometry of a rose, a sunflower, or a nautilus shell. * The Staff of Osiris from the Egyptian culture, dating back to approximately 1224 BC, depicts two intertwining

Source: Mysteries of The Pineal Gland Ignored by Mainstream Science and Research — Love Has Won

Tarot Contemplation – Strength


It’s all about focusing on what you want, rather than what you don’t want … Mind over matter.  You have the ability, and the responsibility, to harness your thoughts and use those energies for your highest good.  Set aside your fears and impulsiveness and harness that inner strength and courage.  Self-confidence comes when you make the time for self-examination; this is what keeps you Awake and Aware in the moment.  Give serious thought on directions and opportunities that allow for growth and upward mobility.  You’ve got the skill set, you’ve got the talent and you’ve got ideal circumstances surrounding you to make better things happen in your life right now.  This is a positive sign that momentum is building, so be patient as you paddle out to catch that next wave.  To be truly strong, pay attention and develop each side of your triangle:  body, mind and spirit.  You are strong … stronger than you think!


A Message to All Innocent Hearts – by Matt Kahn

A Message to All Innocent Hearts,


The difference between a lightworker and a victim has nothing to do with the situations faced, but how one responds to the circumstances at hand. A lightworker uses their world of experiences to become the change they wish to see, while a victim is hurt by the actions of a world, while waiting for the change they have yet to become. On a spiritual level, a victim is a lightworker in training.


plumeriaThroughout each chapter of life, the inevitability of loss and the suchness of change are survived to bring forth a new consciousness for the benefit of all. This means victimhood is not a pitfall one escapes, but ongoing stages of spiritual growth and energetic expansion to call forward the lightworker in you.


Whether contracted in fear from the hostility between countries, heartbroken by the actions of terrorist attacks, at war with yourself in your own mind, disappointed by the behavior of others, or overwhelmed by the heaviness of the collective unconsciousness, each moment of victimhood acts as an invitation to step across the threshold of despair to become the lightworker you are destined to be.

No matter how promising or uncertain your world seems to be, I offer you the prayer of radical forgiveness, as a way of assisting our awakening humanity on an energetic level.


It is important to always remember, whether viewing circumstances on a personal or global level, even if you cannot change the situations you see, you can always change how you respond from the inside out. When internal changes are brought forth in the presence of hostility, sadness, despair, fear, or turmoil, your interconnection to the totality of light, as the one eternal soul, simultaneously plants seeds of expanded consciousness in every heart to manifest endless waves of blessings through the inspired actions of one.



As an awakening lightworker on the front lines of ushering humanity into a new paradigm of consciousness, please read the following prayer however many times a day you are either inspired to support in Earth’s evolution, or find yourself entrenched in the pain of human suffering. In the blank space provided, you can include the name of an enemy, an adversary from the past, a family member connected to a wound you have yet to heal, a loved one struggling through their own healing journey, your full name, the name of a country at war, or even humanity at large:


“I allow the soul (s) of  ______ to be pardoned and set free as I AM now.”


Please do not judge yourself for the amount of times per day you find yourself needing to repeat it. Instead, see yourself through the eyes of the Universe and rejoice in how often you are acting in accordance with your soul’s highest wisdom to transform reality for the liberation of all.


Through the prayer of radical forgiveness, may you step forward in faith and bring to life a unique frequency of light that you came here to ignite in every heart.


May your destiny be viewed not as a horizon of preferred circumstances, but as opportunities to act upon life’s most inspired choices that transforms your physical body into a living expression of divinity in action. One prayer of radical forgiveness or “I love you” at a time, the ascension of Earth that already occurred the moment life was created, actualizes into present moment time, so we can remember the Heaven that is already here – now and forever, together as One.


Many blessings to all.

Om Shanti, Shanti … OM

Activating Oxytocin – The Master Hormone for Bliss and Bonding | Wake Up World

The natural state of the body’s glands is interactive harmony, and the individual harmonies of the body come together to help create the song of your life; how you are feeling, how your immune system is working, what your sexual drives are saying in any given moment in time. Like our DNA, our consciousness play an active role in determining when and how our glandular system works. When we learn to activate the glands, the hormones, the sensation, we can activate the frequency of love in our being. By Contributing Writer Indra

Source: Activating Oxytocin – The Master Hormone for Bliss and Bonding | Wake Up World