Tarot Contemplation – Ace of Wands


This is a definite positive sign, especially related to work and job opportunities.  Things are about to improve, very soon!  The air around you is inspiring you to feel upbeat, optimistic and eager about your future, and with good reason.  Now is a time to start something new.  What will you begin?  Be bold and ask for what you want or need in the work/career arena.  You are likely to be more successful than you’d dreamed possible.  For those seeking a relationship, a new love relationship is on your horizon.  Make yourself available in whatever makes sense to you.  Long-standing relationships are about to undergo a new beginning and you will rise to new levels of understanding each other.  Express yourself.  All in all, it’s definitely a turn for the better, and this includes fortune and wealth.  You might even be blessed with money from unexpected sources today!  This is also an excellent time to begin a new health regimen to further improve your body health.  Your health is your wealth, so don’t delay.

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