Harvest Moon Magic

Moon Beam News

Harvest Moon Magic

by Cheyenne Van Zutphen

Say after me: Lunae Lumen Invocatio Me Confortat (moon light invocation empowers me)

September 16th 2016 – Full Harvest Moon 24* Pisces
Culmination: 12:07pm pacific / 3:07pm eastern

Instead of darkness, this night greets us with the light of the full moon. Again we can bathe in the silver rays that the nocturnal want veiled. This moon is 24* Pisces and yearns to reveal your life’s secrets. The karma entangled with others, whose ties seem sneered, may now be cut. For clarity hidden by confusion surfaces within. The choice bestowed upon your path allows you to reflect and project. To see deeper into the pools of your inner being; where fear and doubt may dwell. This may expose your blocks and tonight you grant yourself the power to see through yourself as though you are water. Allow this transformation, trust it without…

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