Tarot Contemplation – Six of Wands


Today, take pride in your ability to lead and inspire others.  You have worked hard and are receiving recognition for your accomplishments.  Try to receive such acclaim and admiration graciously.  Be proud, but beware of conceit.  Remember to give gratitude to all those who have supported you to get here.  Others are looking at you for guidance.  Responsible and ethical action is required.  The most powerful way to teach is by modeling the behavior and attitudes yourself.  Take time to celebrate your triumph, but remember:  though you have had success on your path, you have not reached your final destination.  So, for today, be cognizant that others look up to you and your confidence supports and motivates them today.  Enjoy their admiration, while at the same time remembering you’ve earned it through your good actions and attitude.  Keep it up!

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