Aloha Spirit:  In Celebration of Earth Day — Personal Evocation (remastered) by The Halau | ReverbNation

O Miraculous Mother with inspired confidence
I call upon Thee to extend Thy merciful kindness
So that Thy Powers of Perpetual Help
Will protect me and assist me in my needs
Please grant my wishes for love and happiness.
May light and love surround and
protect me in all my endeavors.
May love enter my life and fill
my heart and soul.
May the magic of love
always inspire me to radiate
warmth and caring to all those
who touch my life.
May my mind, heart, and soul reach
a state of perfect serenity.
May all of my thoughts and actions
reflect my pursuit of a
peaceful and tranquil existence.
Let me discover pure joy in my being.
Allow happiness and laughter to flow
freely through my life and into
the lives of those around me.
I invoke Spirit to guide and protect me.
My faith assures that only the positive may
touch my being.
I am safe and at ease in body and spirit.
May I seek and find angelic
guidance and support.
Allow me to sense and be moved by
the warm, soothing flow of angel love.
I open the door to dream and
step into a higher dimension
where everyone may exist
in perfection.
I will it so. So be it.

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