Tarot Contemplation – Ace of Pentacles (reversed)

Today is a day to nurture the seeds for what you want to have in the future.  This can literally mean working in your garden.  It can also mean beginning to learn a new skill or craft, starting to save money, arranging your living space in a new way, or doing something else that takes you closer to a future goal, particularly a goal related to security and abundance.  When this Ace appears reversed, examine your relationship with your physical world.  You may have trouble finding the financial flow you need for a new project.  It may be that you have the money you need, but you are fearful that investing it could lead to loss.  You may be so focused on the material world that you fail to see the value in the spiritual and emotional aspects of life.  You may be considering an unwise investment, either because it will lead to loss, or because it is an unethical or wasted used of your resources.  This card may appear when you are not spending much time “in” your body.  You may be spending a lot of time in the mental world or escaping your physical body by using substances.  You may be neglecting your physical body.  This card reminds you to nourish yourself with whole foods from the earth, rather than highly processed foods.  Your energy might feel ungrounded, causing sleep disturbances, anxiety or hyperactivity.  This card reminds you to spend time in your body every day, by exercising, eating whole foods, resting and connecting with nature and your loved ones.

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