Foodstyles:   Homemade Ghee Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen 

Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is one of the most important ingredients in Indian Cooking.  (We use it all the time in The Halau kitchen because it is nutritionally beneficial to the body!)  It is usually made from freshly churned unsalted butter that is melted and simmered down to get a clear golden liquid. This video shows you how to make ghee using homemade unsalted butter or store bought salted butter. Once you have homemade ghee at hand, you can use it in many ways – from using it to temper Dals, Vegetables, to making Parathas or even many Indian Halwas. Adding a dollop of homemade ghee to a serving of Steamed Rice or a Hot Phulka elevates even the simplest of homemade meals.

Source: Homemade Ghee Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen – Simple Recipes & Cooking Ideas

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