Tarot Contemplation – The Emperor (returns!)

This card shows a need for discipline, logic and order to make your finances work better for you.  What we pay attention to in our life grows.  Are you treating your money with respect? Do you know how much you have, where it is going and so forth?  Do not focus on lack now, because lack is then what grows.  Pay attention to what you have and be the best steward of it that you can be.

Be sure to take time out for yourself in order to honor your need for spiritual growth.  Do not focus totally on your left-brained aspects (logic, reason, order), but allow your right brain to have input also.  Logic can lead you to the spirit if you allow this and if you don’t get too stuck in your logical self.  Meditation (which requires great discipline) will come easier for you now if you make the time and effort.

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