Slippery Elm

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Slippery Elm

Botanical Name: Ulmus Rubra

Common Names Moose Elm, Rock Elm, Indian Elm, Red Elm, Sweet Elm, Ulmi Rubrae Cortex, Ulmaceae, Winged Elm, Ulmus Fulva Michaux.

Family Name: Ulmaceae

TCM Chi Yu

Meridians: Lung, Large Intestine

Key TCM Actions & Medicinal Uses: Supports Lung Yin: sore throat, calm dry cough. Promotes Digestion: indigestion, gastric ulcers, dysentery, diarrhea, urinary tract infections. Heals Wounds and Soothes Skin: boils, scalds, wounds, itchy irritated skin disorders.

Parts Used: Inner Bark, Leaves, Flowers.

Habitat: Slippery Elm Is Indigenous To Central And Northern North America, But Has Been Relocated To Other Regions.

Description. Slippery Elm Is Characterized By Its “Slippery” Inner Bark, And May Live To Be 200 Years Old. It Can Reach Up To 40 Meters Tall And Is Mainly Found On Moist, Rich Soils Of Lower Slopes And Flood Plains. The Tree Is Browsed By Wildlife And The Seeds Are A…

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