Aloha Spirit | One Breath, One Life – Kahu Kauila Clark

Kahuna means the keeper of the secrets … Kahu means to care for the knowledge and to share the ancient knowledge with the rest of the world. That is the responsibility of a Kahu.

We, as the children of all creation, are charged with that same responsibility – kuliana — of sharing the ancient knowledge with all of the beings of this world … Mālāma Honua … to take care of the Earth.

All of this cultural understanding was encoded in Aloha, and that Aloha concept meant that there was One Creator, and that creator was ‘Io (EE-oh), and that everything was alive including spaces, buildings, rocks, plants, animals, fish, the ocean, the land.

Aloha is the cornerstone of the Hawaiian culture. The behavior of Aloha is demonstrated through the Honi. The Honi is done by the touching of the noses and breathing in a deep breath down to your spiritual center, which is right below your navel. Every breath you take, you take God within you. The whole idea of the Ha is that it is your connection to all of the universe, and your connection to Creator. It is also your connection to others. So, when you share your spirit, that is the greatest gift you have.

This is one of the medicines we use in ceremony and in healing … the Lau Ki, or Ti leaf. The significance of this is that the Ti leaf represents ‘Io. ‘Io is the Hawaiian hawk that connects us to ‘Io, the Creator. This is where we use the Ti leaf, very much like the Native Americans use the eagle feather. As we pray, we use the Ti leaf to take our prayers to the Creator, on the wings of ‘Io, the Hawaiian hawk.

Looking at quantum physics, nothing is created or destroyed … so we have spirits all around us at all times. The knowledge and education of the ancestors continues to live and it thrives. The University is the Universe. The energy runs through all the generations, so that it’s not past, present and future. It is Now in our na’au. And what emphasizes the Now is your breath. The only thing that is happening right now is your breath.

How do we define health? The Hawaiian definition of health is happiness. Hau’oli means happiness based in good health.

Māhālo is thank you, but it’s not just thank you. It’s thank YOU for making me a part of your Spirit. It starts with spirituality and ends with spirituality. And when you say mahalo you emphasize the HA … so it is māhālo.

— Kahu Kauila Clark

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