Animal Spirit Totem | Turkey (Generosity)

The spirit of the Turkey symbolizes generosity and unselfishness.  That’s why it has been associated with such events as the Thanksgiving celebration — which might actually sound quite unfortunate from the Turkey’s point of view … So, thank you so much, dear Turkey, for your generosity and sense of sacrifice!  When the spirit of the Turkey comes to you, it is time to be generous, too.  Generosity is not just about money:  people around you may need other things from you, like attention, time, love or a favor.  Were you reluctant to give any of those recently?  Do you feel that people, like vampires, try to suck your energy up, forcing you to create walls around yourself:  It may be time to drop those fear-based beliefs, and realize that you have plenty to give — without having to worry about negative consequences.  Giving is only difficult when you think you don’t have much left, and you have to choose between you and others.  But, when you trust the fact that “the more you give, the more you receive,” being generous will be much smoother and easier.  Just give, without expecting anything in return, and your confidence in abundance will always support you.  Even if you don’t have right now what other people are asking for, you certainly have something to offer that will help them in one way or another.  Thank you!

Message from Turkey:

“Don’t be afraid to be generous.  Generosity allows energies to flow freely, and supports abundance for all.”

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