Patience and Trust…

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Words are powerful, namely the words “Patience” and “Trust”

“…I kept telling myself to have patience and trust…”

(Jordan Shaquille Hinton, Student, Mt. San Antonio College)

Iʻm not a real…biblical…chick, by any means.

Of course I will take from that work of writing the snippets of wisdom that ALL books thought to be Holy have contained within them. To me, it is just a textbook for learning through stories and myths, much like all the other Holy texts…there is wisdom in all written works. You just have to have a clue, an open mind, and sometimes having a dictionary handy is a good thing.

I have several.

Clues and Dictionaries.

So get a clue, humans – We are actually #OneMind.

Accept it.

Call it whatever you want to call it…we are part, all of us, a bigger consciousness…we are, each of us, loaning to this larger consciousness…

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