Card of the Day – Page of Wands – Saturday, February 2, 2019

Tarot by Cecelia

Excitement is the word of the day as Venus trines Uranus. If you were expecting a typical Saturday, then expect the unexpected. Our Page of Wands shows exciting changes are indeed possible. And, of course, with Uranus in the mix, you can never be quite certain what will happen.

The Page is a Messenger, signifying inspiration and new beginnings. It is true that the changes you wish may not be here just yet, but it is inevitable that they will occur. Our dancing goddess depicted here may have a good idea. Go out, socialize, and dance the night away. You should like today, and, if single and mingling, Venus may just send a surprise your way.

See you here tomorrow!

Source:  Universal Goddess Tarot

This card was last seen December 10, 2018

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