Reality Bytes || Tartaria, Mud Floods, Resets and the Theft of Your Mind!

IMHO, the importance of the subject matter discussed today is rivaled only by the revelation of the flat earth itself, so you will want to be sure to tune in. With that said …

Today, we welcome Martin Liedtke from Flat Earth British, UAP, and Alex, the Flat Earth Man from the Conspiracy Music Guru channel.

We start the show with a world premier video from Alex called ‘Don’t Let Them Take Your Mind’.

We then go on to discuss the ancient civilization of Tartaria, their technology and architecture which is found all over the world, the so called ‘mud floods’, and the apparent ‘reset’ phenomenon which takes place periodically – including the much talked about EMPCOE or Electromagnetic Plasma Changeover Event, which is speculated for our near future. We then connect these topics to so called extra-terrestrials, UFO’s, the identity of our ‘overlords’, and much more!

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