Health | Take Back Your Natural Right To Choose


Sign and carry your written Advance Care Directive for Vaccinations and Masks in the form of these cards in your wallet. Yep, this works exactly like a HIPPA Advanced Care Directive that dictates to medical personnel what measures/procedures they can do to your body.

You know the “virus” is a huge smokescreen for other actions happening in our world that are intended to harm the People. Breathing in your own CO2 is just the beginning of bringing that harm to you personally and every person you care about. There are natural remedies that cure most individuals of what is otherwise a cold or flu bug. There are already answers … a cure (Hydrochloriquine, or drinking Tonic Water for the Quinine) … but remaining in abject fear only perpetuates the harm that people like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci want to spread to YOU.

Stand in your power. Take back control over your body. Do not allow Big Brother Government (whether local or federal) to take control over the one thing that was always and only yours: your physical body. These are ideas definitely worth considering … including all the moral ramifications that kick in when you relinquish your Freedom entirely.

The Choice is yours. Where do you stand with everything happening in our world now??

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