2023 – An Astrological Preview

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This is a general overview of astrological events occurring during the year 2023. Some of the events mentioned below may affect us globally or nationwide, whilst others may only affect some of us on an individual basis. For details about the nature, strength, or duration of any effect that may take place, inception charts as well as natal charts of people in charge of the countries in question will also have to be taken into consideration. For events affecting the native on a personal level, the Natal chart, the Solar Revolution chart, as well as other charts will have to be consulted. In this astrological preview, the following information can be found:

Retrograde Motion of the Planets

Cazimi Planets

Noteworthy Sign Ingresses and Transits

Other Noteworthy Phenomena (Solstices, Equinoxes, Super Moons)

Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Solar Ingress Charts

For more detailed information, you may watch this space for in-depth articles…

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