Requested Reiki Healing (Finances)

Aloha kau’a, Money Reiki Seeker!

It is wonderful to come into contact with you today.  Here is a Law of Attraction guided meditation that we are asking you to begin listening to in your headphones.  Then, listen to it at least once daily for 7 days straight.  Thereafter, feel free to play this guided meditation  as needed to continue to enliven our Money Reiki energies to continue working for you.

The Meditation (30 mins.)

Money Reiki – Law of Attraction guided meditation

Any time you spend money today (whether for a cup of coffee, lunch, a pack of gum, grocery shopping, whatever) silently repeat this exercise. Think of all the lives that are being positively impacted by the money you are giving this person/vendor, etc. and most importantly, give ALL of them a silent blessing along with the money. This is very, very powerful for shifting your own money vibration as well as that of our Universe.

If you’d like to work out energetically a specific issue or area in your life of which you are particularly concerned, I invite you to set up formal sessions with me through this link on my website … and let’s see what progress we can make together:


Hōʻokūpū – Causing Intentions To Sprout and Grow

An exchange of energies further enlivens the Reiki energies shared with you here today.  Your heartfelt donation, no matter the amount, completes the Circle of Gratitude that fuels this intended cycle for change.

This is our PayPal link for donations:

It is a pleasure to connect with you and we look forward to hearing from you again in the very near future.  May the Spirit of our Mother-Father-God be with you now and always!

Here’s to your Abundance … in Peace and Aloha!