Health Basics: How do food preservatives cause cancer? –

Woman-Reading-Label-Store-Purse-Shopping(NaturalNews) The term food preservatives sounds quite positive, and if you don’t look any deeper than the surface, it’s a good thing. It means the food that’s packaged in boxes, bags, jars and cans has a longer shelf life, before mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi kick into high gear and start breaking down the food, changing it’s structure, color and, most of all, its nutritional value. But look deeper, into the science of “preservatives,” and you will find some quite ominous information, and you will forever see the term as something that can affect your life expectancy and lead to something that starts with the letter “c” from which one in every three people suffer.

The same “preservatives” that prolong the shelf life of food also shorten human life. How? Human cells need oxygen. Certain preservatives choke your mitochondria, depriving them of oxygen.

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Are These Foods Killing Your Brain?



Did you know that Alzheimer’s is ranked as our #1 fear?  As anyone over 40 knows forgetting things and feeling less mentally sharp often becomes an unavoidable side effect of getting older.

There are currently 3,000 food additives in the US food supply.

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