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Just like many other geographical spaces that have been colonized, the Hawaiian Islands began as a sovereign and independent entity with their own societal structure and customs. After the initial invasion of western civilization beginning mainly in the late 18th century, native Hawaiian culture was destroyed through foreign societal and legislative systems, eventually leading to the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian government on January 17, 1893. After two illicit attempts by the U.S. to acquire Hawaiian sovereignty by a treaty of annexation, theHawaiian government was forcibly overthrown …

Source: Hawaiian Sovereignty | Tlahcuilo Anahuac – Academia.edu

Aloha Spirit ~ The Queen’s Prayer ~ Ke Aloha O Ka Haku


ʻO kou aloha nō.
Aia i ka lani
A ʻo Kou ʻoia ʻiʻo
He hemolele hoʻi

Koʻu noho mihi ʻana
A paʻahao ʻia
ʻO ʻoe kuʻu lama
Kou nani koʻu koʻo

Mai nānā ʻinoʻino
Nā hewa o kānaka
Akā e huikala
A maʻemaʻe nō

No laila e ka Haku
Ma lalo o kou ʻēheu
Kō mākou maluhia
A mau loa aku nō



The Queen’s Prayer

Your loving mercy
Is as high as Heaven
And your truth
So perfect

I live in sorrow
ʻYou are my light
Your glory, my support

Behold not with malevolent
The sins of man
But forgive
And cleanse

And so, o Lord
Protect us beneath your wings
And let peace be our portion
Now and forever more